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Swimming Pool Motors, 56J Frame Motors

56J Frame Motors

Replacing your pool pump motor is simple, Follow these steps, Match you frame type with those listed by frame type.  Match the Horsepower and service factors as the original motor.  Make sure the voltage matches, pool pumps motors come in 110-120 Volts, 220-240 Volts and 110/220 Volts.  Match the speed of the motor.  Use the motor faceplate to guide you in determining the correct replacement.
Important: Total output (Horsepower(HP) x Service Factor(SF)) of replacement motor must equal or exceed motor being replaced. Most Motors fail due to bad seals or gaskets, therefore, when replacing motors, the seal and gaskets should always be replaced. See Our handy kits for all your needs

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MO-00132 UST1072 AO Smith UST1072 Motor, 56J Frame, 3450 RPM, 0.75 HP, C-Frame, SF 1.0 UST1072
MO-00133 UST1102 AO Smith UST1102 Motor, 56J Frame, 345 rpm, 1.0 HP, SF 1.1, C-Frame UST1102
MO-00134 UST1152 AO Smith UST1152 Motor, 56J Frame,3450rpm, 1.5 HP, SF.1.0, C-Frame UST1152
MO-00154 UST1202 AO Smith UST1202 Motor, 56J Frame, 3450 RPM, 2 HP, C-Frame, SF 1.0, 115 or 230 Volts UST1202
MO-00158 UST1252 AO Smith UST1252 Motor, 56J Frame, 3450rmp, 2.5 HP, C-Frame UST1252
MO-00160 No Image AO Smith CT1052 Motor, 56J Frame,3450rpm, 0,5 HP, SF 1.6, C-Frame, High Efficiency CT1052
MO-00161 No Image AO Smith CT1072 Motor, 56J Frame,3450rpm, 0.75 HP, SF.1.5, C-Frame, Energy Efficient CT1072
MO-00162 CT1102 AO Smith CT1102 Motor, 56J Frame,3450rpm, 1 HP, S.F 1.4, C-Frame, 115 or 230, Energy Efficient CT1102
MO-00205 B128 AO Smith,Century Magnetek B128 Motor, 56J Frame, 3450 RPM, 1HP, C Flange, SF 1.4 B128
MO-00206 B129 AO Smith Century, Magnetek B-129 Motor, 56J Frame, 3450 RPM, 1.5 HP, C Flange, SF 1.3 B129
MO-00210 No Image AO Smith, Century, Magnetek B131 Motor, 56J Frame, 3450 RPM, 3HP, C-Flange B131
MO-00213 B130 AO Smith, Century, Magnetek B130 Motor, 56J Frame, 3450 RPM, 2HP, C-Flange B130
MO-00216 No Image AO Smith, Century Magnetek B228, 56J Frame, 1 HP, 3450 RPM, C-Flange B228
MO-00217 No Image AO Smith, Century Magnetek B-229, 56J Frame, 3450 rpm, 1-1/2 HP, C-Flange B229
MO-00227 B663 AO Smith Motor, 0.75 HP, Magnetek B663, Vertical Booster Pump Motor B663
MO-00229 T1072 Century Electric T1072, , 0.75 HP, 56J Frame, Replaces B667, Used On Letro Before March 1997 T1072
MO-00230 T1102 Century Electric T1102, ,1.0 HP, 56J Frame, Replaces B668, Used On Letro After March 1997 T1102
MO-00250 No Image AO Smith Century Magnetek B227SE Motor, 56J Frame, 3450 RPM 0.75 HP B227SE
MO-00251 No Image AO Smith,Century Magnetek B228SE Motor, 56J Frame, 3450 rpm, 1HP, 115/230 Volts, SF=1.0 B228SE
MO-00252 No Image AO Smith, Century Magnetek B229SE Motor, 56J Frame, 3450 rpm, 1.5 HP, SF=1.00 B229SE
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