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Swimming Pool Cleaners, Polaris Pool Cleaner Parts

Polaris Pool Cleaners

We offer a complete line of automatic pool cleaners and parts, from all the major manufactures.  Sta-Rite, Arneson, Jandy,  Hayward,  Baracuda, Letro, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris and many more. Whether its a single part or a complete swimming pool cleaner, we can supply your needs. We have Polaris for most Polaris pool cleaners including the Polaris 65, 165, 180, 360, 380 and 480 Pool Cleaners. If you are looking for parts for a specific Polaris Pool Cleaner see our Polaris Parts Diagrams

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Model #
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91001103 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1103, Turbine Wheel With Bearing, 360, 380
91001108 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1108, Ball bearing 360, 380, Each
91001114 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1114, Hub cap, Each
91001115 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1115, Black. Hub cap, Each
91001116 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1116, Wheel Single Sided
91001132 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1132, Drive Train Gear Kit Includes Turbine Bearing
91001152 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1152, Upper Housing Turbine Cover
91001155 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1155, Housing Turbine, lower
91001200 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1200, 360 In-Line Back Up Valve, Hose Size Approximately Half-Dollar
91001201 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1201, 360 In-Line Back Up Valve, Hose Size Approximately Half-Dollar, Black
91001202 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1202, Case Kit, In-Line Backup Valve Note- Hose Size about Size of half dollar
91001204 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1204, In-Line BackUp Valve Mechanism, Internals
91001206 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1206, 360 Float For Feed Hose Fits Hose Approx Size of Half-Dollar Coin
91001207 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1207, Float Feed Hose, For 360 360 Black Max
91001213 Click on Image Polaris 91001213 , Collar for 360 Backup Valve, White
91001240 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-1240, Top Cover for 360, 380
91003002 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-3002, White, 360 Swivel
91003003 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-3003, Black, 360 Swivel
91003006 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-3006, White, Quick Disconnect, UWF
91003007 Click on Image Polaris 9-100-3007, Black, 360 Quick Disconnect, UWF, Black Max
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