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Spa Disinfectants

Spa Disinfectants

Chemical Disinfectants used in Spas present additional challenges, in particular heat. Chlorine is not a choice sanitizer for spas as it easily dissipates from the spa at higher temperatures.

Typical Forms Tri-Chlor Tablets Tablets Gas
Spa Applications Dichlor Powder 1 & 2 Step Bromine Salts Generated On Site
Active Ingredient Hypochlorous Acid Hypobromous Acid Free Radicals
Proper Amount (ppm) 1-3* 2-4*  
  2-4** 4-6**  
Most Effective pH 7.2-7.6 7.2-8.2 7.2-8.2
Lasting residual yes yes No
Easy to Measure yes yes yes
Requires Other Disinfectants No No yes
Requires Shocking yes yes No
Affects Balance yes Yes No
Application Methods Feeders Feeders Ozone Generator
  Hand Feed Hand Feed    On Pump

* Residential

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