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Automatic Pool Cleaners, Parts and Accessories

Automatic Pool Cleaners, Parts, Accessories and Complete Units

My Pool Features Swimming Pool Cleaners from all major manufacturers including Hayward, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Jandy, Sta-Rite and others. This page shows all products including complete pool cleaners, Pool Cleaner Parts and Pool Cleaner Accessories. This category is further broken down into smaller categories typically by brand, at the bottom of the page

Automatic Pool Cleaner Related items

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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XX-07001No ImagePolaris G-41 Backup Valve, No Longer Manufactured, None Available, See Polaris G-52G41$0.00Reference Only
XX-07000No ImagePolaris G-40 Backup Valve, No Longer Manufactured, None Available See Polaris G-52 as a ReplacementG40$0.00Reference Only
XX-02196No ImageKreepy Krauly K12-945, 12-945,Adjustment Regulator, See K12004K12945$58.81Reference Only
XX-01216No ImageArneson Pool Sweep Leaf Basket Cover L25 ,No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableL25$0.00Reference Only
XX-01215No ImageArneson L09BL, Pool Sweep I Rep Screen For Basket, Black, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableL09BL$0.00Reference Only
XX-01211No ImageArneson L01B, Pool Sweep I Leaf Basket, Black, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableL01B$0.00Reference Only
XX-01200No ImageArneson K96P, Pool Sweep I In-Line Filter, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableK96P$0.00Reference Only
XX-01137No ImageArneson Pool Sweep I Strainer New Style E078, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleE078$0.00Reference Only
XX-01119No ImageArneson pool sweep pump canopy With Screws A62, AXA62, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleA62$0.00Reference Only
XX-00895No ImageHayward AXV503, Ring, No Longer Manufactured, None AvailableAXV503$0.00Reference Only
XX-00797No ImagePolaris Weight, Feed Hose 9-100-3128, No Longer Manufcatured, Reference Only91003128$0.00Reference Only
XX-00310 3519 Click on ImageJandy 3519 Ray Vac Nose Plate Order as Jandy R03758003519$73.30Reference Only
XX-00281No ImageNavigator Cork Search on AXV413PCork$14.39Reference Only
XX-00279 9-100-3105 Click on ImagePolaris Tail Scrubber or Tail Scrubs or Polaris tail Scrubbe or Tail Sweep or Polaris Scrubber -- Search on 910031059-100-3105$2.69Reference Only
XX-00278No ImageBackup valve polaris 280 Search on G52BACKUP$86.73Reference Only
XX-00277No ImagePolaris Back Up Valve 280 Order as Polaris G52Back Up$86.73Reference Only
XX-00272No ImageHamerhead , hammer head parts, Search on HammerheadAqua Queen$0.00Reference Only
XX-00271No ImageAqua Qween, Aqua Vac Aqua Queen, Please Search on Aqua QueenAqua Queen$0.00Reference Only
XX-00266 3589 Click on ImageJandy Ray Vac 3589, Top, Only Sold as R03749003589$493.71Reference Only
XX-00265 3587 Click on ImageJandy Ray Vac 3587, Concrete Head, Replaced By R03749003587$493.71Reference Only
XX-00249 3224 Click on ImageJandy Ray Vac 3224, Mender Sleeve Kit, 0.5 Inch, Silicone, Order as R03741003224$25.16Reference Only
XX-00243 1115 Click on ImageJandy 1115, Ray Vac Mender Sleeve 5/8 Inch Only Sold as Part of R03773001115$5.77Reference Only
XX-00240No ImagePolaris 9-100-1140, Top Cover Single Wheel Side, Replaced by 9-100-7030, Top and Frame91001140$45.80Reference Only
XX-00239No ImagePolaris 9-100-1141, Top Cover Double Wheel Side Replaced by Polaris 9-100-7030, Top and Frame91001141$45.80Reference Only
XX-00237No ImagePolaris Timer Mechanism for G41 part E60, No Longer Manufactured None Available, See G-52E60$0.00Reference Only
XX-00236No ImageKreepy Krauly K-21241, Female, Female Leader Hose 40 Inches, Substitute K21241, 3 Inch Adaptor21241$6.98Reference Only
XX-00235No ImagePolaris D28 , Pressure Relief Valve for Polaris 180, Order Replacement Polaris 9-100-9001D28$27.01Reference Only
XX-00234 P55 Click on ImageGeneric Replacement For Polaris P-55, Pump Seal P55$6.44Reference Only
XX-00231No ImageHayward Navigator Bumper AXV425BKP, Black, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleAXV425BKP$0.00Reference Only
XX-00229CNo ImageJandy Ray-Vac 3225, Whip Jet Kit, Order As R0373400, Original No Longer Manufactured, None Available3225$51.85Reference Only
XX-00228 R0375100 Click on ImageJandy 3671, Ray Vac Door Only Sold as Part of Sold R0375100R0375100$239.63Reference Only
XX-00227No ImageJandy 2037, Whip 7.5 Feet, Blue with 8 Wear Rings Used on Energy Porposie II, No Longer Manufactured, None Available2037$0.00Reference Only
XX-00226No ImageJandy 2033, Ray Vac, Braided Wall Hose With Fittings, No Longer Manufactured, None Available2033$0.00Reference Only
XX-00223 2809 Click on ImageJandy, Ray Vac 2809, Side Wheel Axle, Only Sold as Part of R03789002809$15.25Reference Only
XX-00221No ImagePolaris B-30, Sweep Hose Guard Replaced by Polaris B25B30$2.76Reference Only
XX-00216No ImageJandy R0373800, Ray-vac Wheel Kit, Vinyl or Fiberglass, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleR0373800$0.00Reference Only
XX-00215No ImageJandy Ray-Vac R0373700, Wheel Kit, Gunite, White, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleR0373700$0.00Reference Only
XX-00214No ImageJandy Ray-Vac R0373300, Skimmer Guard Kit Standard and Long, No Longer Manufactured None AvailableR0373300$0.00Reference Only
XX-00213No ImageJandy Ray-Vac R0373000, Ro373000, Hose Connection Kit, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleR0373000$0.00Reference Only
XX-00211No ImagePolaris D-27, Wall Connector, Order as Polaris 9-100-9001D27$26.63Reference Only
XX-00210No ImagePolaris D41, Quick Disconnect Complete, See Polaris 9-100-9001 as a ReplacementD41$26.63Reference Only
XX-00207 R0376500 Click on ImageJandy 2523, Ray Vac Hydro Timer Jet .20, No Longer Sold as an Individual Item, Available as Part of R0376500R0376500$145.78Reference Only
XX-00205No ImagePolaris 6-118-00, Jet Body Ball Kit (160,60 Only), Replaced by 6-212-00611800$57.99Reference Only
XX-00204 R0376300 Click on ImageJandy, Ray-Vac R0376300 Quick Disconnect Replacement Kit, Replaced By R0378000R0376300$27.74Reference Only
XX-00203No ImagePolaris E-65, Back-Up Valve Kit, No Longer Manufactured, None Available, See Polaris G-52 as ReplacementE65$83.84Reference Only
XX-00201No ImageJandy 2524,3630 Ray Drive Wheel Housing Vinyl or Fiberglas, No Longer Available as an Individual Part, Sold as Part of R0379300R0379300$81.14Reference Only
XX-00200 R0376500 Click on ImageJandy 2524. Ray Vac Hydro Timer Jet .250, No Longer Available as an Individual Part, Order as R0376500R0376500$112.35Reference Only
XX-00197No ImagePolaris 6-200-00, Jet Sweep Assembly Replaced 6-212-00620000$57.99Reference Only
XX-00196No ImagePolaris G-50, Black Max Kit Assembled, No Longer Manufacturedl None AvailableG50$0.00Reference Only
XX-00193No ImagePolaris P-45, Impeller Shaft Extension, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleP45$0.00Reference Only

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1 - 50 of 1905


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