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Swimming Pool Automation, Carefree Copper Ionization System

Carefree Copper Ionization System, Carefree Parts

Swimming Pool Automation makes maintaining swimming pools easier. Automation includes chlorine generators, Alternate forms of Sanitizing pools such as Carefree ionizers as well as electric valves. For general information on alternate forms of swimming Pool automation Click Here
"The most advanced non chemical chlorine free ionization technology for healthy natural pure water. Unlike toxic chemicals or salt water pools, the Carefree Clearwater mineral ionizer eliminates allergies, odors and irritation. Avoid expensive damaging salt, chlorine, bromine and other chemical products for a natural pool/spa experience. Copper, silver and zinc mineral ions provide an alternative water treatment for swimming pools, spas, fountains and commercial applications. "

Carefree Copper Ionization Systems and Parts, Product Listing

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CS-11055No ImageCopperTest Kit, Replacement chemicals for Carefree and Clear Water Test kits.CLA42$18.23
CS-11050No ImageCarefree Clearwater Copper Ion Test KitCLA41$22.61
CS-11048No ImageCLE-05 Anode Fits All Carefree Clearwater Models With 3 Inch fitting, Commercial UnitsCLE-05$202.88
CS-11046No ImageCLE-03. CLE03 Anode Fits All Carefree Clearwater Models With 2 Inch fittingCLE03$143.63
CS-11045No ImageCarefree Clearwater Ion Chamber and Reducer, 2 InchesReducer$33.00
CS-11044No ImageCLE02 Anode Fits Carefree Clearwater , 2 Inch fitting, Will Replace Carefree 1200 Anodes, Larger than CLE03, Mounts VerticallyCLE02$153.75
CS-11042No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1200C, Ionizer, Anode, High Silver Copper Anode, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble1200CSilver$0.00NLA
CS-11041No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1100 Anode, High Silver/Zinc, No Longer Manufactured, None Available1100Silver$0.00NLA
CS-11040No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1200C, Anode, 2 Inch Fitting, No Longer Available, Replace With CL-031200C$143.63
CS-11036No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1200CHR, Anode, 2 Inch Fitting, Replace With CS-110461200CHR$143.63
CS-11035No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1200R, Anode, 2 Inch Fitting, Replace with CS-110461200RHR$143.63
CS-11030No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1100 Anode, 1100, 2 Inch Fitting, No Longer Available, Replace With CS-110461100AW$143.63
CS-11015No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1200C1, Ionizer, Spas, 65,000-125,000 gallons, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble1200C1$0.00NLA
CS-11010No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1200C, Ionizer, Pools, 45,000-65,000 Gallons, No Longer Manufactured None Available1200C$0.00NLA
CS-11005No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1200R, Ionizer, Pools, 5,000-45,000 gallons, Unit, Specify 110 Volts, No Longer Manufactured None Available1200R$0.00NLA
CS-11000-2No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1100, Ionizer, Spas, 5,000 gallons, Specify 220 Volts, No Longer Manufactured None Available1100$0.00NLA
CS-11000No ImageCarefree Clearwater 1100, Ionizer, Spas, 5,000 gallons, Specify 110 Volts, No Longer Manufactured None Available1100$0.00NLA

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