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Swimming Pool Filter Parts, Pentair Pool Filters


Pentair Filter Parts

We offer a complete line of Pentair Pool Filter parts, Pac Fab, Purex and American Products, Sta-Rite are trademarks of Pentair Pool Products, If you cannot find the needed part check the other category, or call us for specific needs

Pentair Filter Parts, Listing of Products

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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PU-18259 39153400 Click on ImageAmerican Products 39153400 2/5 HP Pump Impeller, No Longer Manufactured, None Available. 39153400$0.00
PU-18258 39202100 Click on ImageAmerican Products 39202100, Pump Housing, Not Longer Manufactured, None Available. 39202100$0.00
PU-18257 39153500 Click on ImageAmerican Products Impeller 39153500, 2 HP Uprated Motor 39153500$0.77
PU-18256 35-5613 Click on ImagePac Fab 355613 Pump Base35-5613$31.48
PU-18255No ImageStock Code has Changed, Please Call 954-442-1066 for Help9544421066$0.77
OR-19001 6020018 Click on ImagePentair 6020018 O-Ring Pump Adapter, Generic6020018$0.77
OR-19000 273109 Click on ImagePentair Rebuild O-Ring Kit For Push Pull Valve273109$7.34
OR-18100No ImageAmerican Products 57007800 O-Ring57007800$1.23
FI-26269 V36148 Click on ImageVal-Pak Rod, 5/16 x 27.5 Inches Manifold Retainer, NS48, V36-148V36148$50.24
FI-26218 V20225 Click on ImageVal-Pak Generic Replacement For Pentair Air Relief, Pressure Gauge Assembly, V20-225V20225$45.20
FI-26213No ImageVal-Pak Air Bleeder, 0.25 Inch, V38-115V38115$9.77
FI-26212 V38222 Click on ImageVal-Pak Quantum Manifold Support Ring, V38-222V38222$24.26
FI-26211 V38220 Click on ImageVal-Pak Quantum Manifold, Bottom, V38-220, American Products, 56626800V38220$76.19
FI-26210 V38221 Click on ImageVal-Pak Quantum Filter Gasket, Bottom Manifold, V38-221V38221$76.20
FI-26209 V38150 Click on ImageVal-Pak Commander Lid with Air Relief, V38-150, Replaces American Products 57005600, 57005900V38150$84.39
FI-26208 V38152 Click on ImageVal-Pak Commander Filter Knob, V38152, American Products 57006900V38152$26.33
FI-26207 V36179 Click on ImageVal-Pak Tee Handle 3/8 Inch, V36-179, Pac Fab 273065V36179$17.47
FI-26205 V36120 Click on ImageVal-Pak Clip, SS Valve, V36-120V36120$2.13
FI-26204No ImageVal-Pak Plug, 2 Inch Piston, V36-182 ,Pac Fab 273050V36182$24.54
FI-26203 V36178 Click on ImageVal-Pak Piston Half Replacement Kit, V36-178V36178$25.89
FI-26202 V36136 Click on ImageVal-Pak Rod, 5/16 x 21.5 Inches Manifold Retainer, Nautilus Filter NS36, V36-136V36136$36.15
FI-26201 V36124 Click on ImageVal-Pak Rod, 5/16 x 15.5 Inches, Manifold Retainer, Nautilus Filter NS24, V36-124V36124$30.05
FI-19203 59053800 Click on ImagePentair, American Products Clean & Clear Predator Center Core, 150, 200 Sq-Ft, 5905380059053800$128.30
FI-19202 59053700 Click on ImagePentair, American Products Clean & Clear Predator Center Core, 100 Sq-Ft, 5905370059053700$99.00
FI-19201 59053600 Click on ImagePentair, American Products Clean & Clear Predator Center Core, 75 Sq-Ft, 5905360059053600$85.32
FI-19200No ImagePentair, American Products Clean & Clear Predator Center Core, 50 Sq-Ft, 5905350059053500$84.65
FI-18429 07-0340 Click on ImagePac Fab 070340, Filter Adaptor, No Longer Manufactured, None Available07-0340$0.00
FI-18428 15-4578 Click on ImagePac Fab 154578, Triton Air Relief Strainer,1/4 Inch tubing, Before 11/9915-4578$10.12
FI-18427 17-4882 Click on ImagePac Fab 174882, Knob for Filter Band17-4882$25.35
FI-18426 154426 Click on ImagePac Fab 154426 Upper Piping Assembly, TR100 Filter154426$55.77
FI-18425No ImageAmerican Products Union, 510130, Pac Fab 5101300051013000$19.34
FI-18424 195183 Click on ImagePacFab 19-5183 FNS36 Grid Assembly195183$491.42
FI-18422 355028 Click on ImagePacFab 355028 Mounting Plate355028$17.64
FI-18421 154641 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154641,Closure Kit, Six Inch Buttress Thread154641$138.30
FI-18420 271094 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 271094,1.5 Inch Triton Filter, Threaded Adapter Kit271094$43.20
FI-18419 271092 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 271092, Triton Filter, 2.0 Inch Threaded Adapter Kit271092$43.20
FI-18418 274494 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 274494, Bulkhead O-ring, 2 Inch274494$10.14
FI-18417 154416 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154416, Internal Spacer, 2 Inch154416$10.14
FI-18416 154510 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154510, Aluminum Wrench for Dome154510$136.89
FI-18415No ImagePentair, PacFab 154481, Drain Plug, Black, Same as Sta-Rite U78920P154481$52.07
FI-18414 154405 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154405, 2.0 Inch Bulkhead154405$52.07
FI-18413 15-4538 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154538, 2.0 Inch Bulkhead Gasket15-4538$1.38
FI-18412 154408 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154408, 2.0 Inch External Spacer154408$9.18
FI-18411 154871 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154871, 1.5 Inch Cap, Triton Filters154871$5.96
FI-18410 154489 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154489, Lower Piping Assembly, TR140154489$34.01
FI-18409 154807 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 1548074, Lower Piping Assembly, TR100154807$32.97
FI-18408No ImagePentair, PacFab 155284, Lower Piping Assembly, TR60155284$53.78
FI-18407 154805 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154805, Lower Piping Assembly, TR60154805$32.07
FI-18406 156816 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 156816, Lower Piping Assembly, TR50156816$32.96
FI-18405 154801 Click on ImagePentair, PacFab 154801, Lower Piping Assembly, TR40154801$41.52

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1 - 50 of 292

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