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Swimming Pool Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning Related Pool Items

We offer a complete line of swimming pool cleaning items, including brushes, nets, poles, vacuums and many other unique items. Let's us supply your needs

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Swimming Pool Brushes

There are generally speaking three classes of brushes, Nylon or Stainless  steel or combination.  Nylon brushes are for general purpose brushing and stainless are for algae and stains.   Stainless brushes should never be used on vinyl or fiberglass pools since scratching and even tearing of the surface can occur. The  difference in brushes within the same type is the backing or support for the brush and the quality of the bristle. All brushes attach to the universal poles. Wall brushes come in sizes from 12 to 36", curved ends are available for fiberglass and vinyl pools.

Swimming Pool Vacuum Hoses

When selecting a hose there are generally several considerations, worthy of mentioning.  First there are two diameter of hoses 1-1/4" (Mainly above ground pools) and 1-1/2" (mainly in-ground pools).  In addition there is a residential and commercial quality hose.  When figuring the length, measure the distance from the skimmer or vacuum line to the farthest point of the pool, then add 5-10 feet, depending on whether it is the shallow end or deep end of the pool. The Hose should be matched to the vacuum head.

Swimming Pool Nets

Swimming Pool Nets are sold in two styles:
   1). A Skimmer net which is flat and is mainly used to collect debris from the surface.
   2). A leaf rake, the rakes are designed with a big pocket and are used to get debris from the bottom of a pool.

Swimming Pool Handheld Vacuums

The differences in Vacuum units are the width of the head, weight of the unit,   and type of handle.  The wider the vacuum head, the greater the cleaning coverage.  Heavier units remain on the bottom of the pool, making vacuuming more efficient.  The types of handles are plastic or metal.  Metal handles are more durable.