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Hayward SP1500 Series Pump Parts List


Hayward SP1500 Series Pump Parts Diagram

Hayward SP1500 Series Pump Parts Diagram. Hayward 1500 Pump parts list for easy ordering of parts for your Hayward 1500 Pump .

Hayward PowerFlo 1590 Pool Pump Parts Diagram

Hayward SP1500 Series Pump Parts List

Hayward SP1500 Pump

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
  SPX1500AA Pump housing PU-06060
  SPX1500B Housing cover PU-06062
 SPXPX1500KA Seal assembly PU-00710
  SPX1500H Housing gasket PU-00712
  SPX1500N2 Housing bolt, No. 10-24 hex. head --  
  SPX1500Y2 Housing nut, No. 10-24 hex. --  
  SPX1500E Impeller 1/2 HP PU-06064
  SPX1500F Impeller 3/4 HP PU-00715
  SPX1500CAP Strainer housing with basket PU-00719
  SPX0710Z3 Strainer cover O-Ring - for solid cover ( 1978 and prior) PU-06066
  SPX1500D2A Strainer cover, with O-Ring PU-00720
  SPX1500P Strainer cover O-Ring for clear cover PU-00717
  SPX1250RA Strainer basket (1992 and prior) PU-06068
  SPX1500LX Strainer Basket, Large 4-1/2 x 7 Inches BA-SPX1500LX
  SPX1500RA Check Valve Assembly (1990 and Prior) PU-06065
  SPX1500W Strainer O-Ring PU-00716
  SPX1700FG Drain plug with gasket PU-06070
  SPX1500X1 Shim for vertical discharge (1992 and prior) --  
  SPX1515C Strainer housing C-Clip (2000-2003) --  
  SPX1515CN Strainer housing C-Clip (2004- ) --  
    SPN1500UN parts same as SP1500 series except as listed below: --  
SPX1500AAT Pump housing with external thread (1985 and prior) --  
  SPX1501AAT Pump housing with external thread- O-Ring style --  
-- SPX1500B1T Housing cover with external thread (1985 and prior) --  
SPX1501BT Housing cover with external thread O-Ring style --  
  SPX1500L Impeller 1 HP PU-00718
  SPX1082Z5B O-Ring pump housing --  
  SPX1500JS Union end connector-socket --  
  SPX1500JT Union end connector- threaded --  
  SPX1500G Union nut --  
  SPX1495Z1 O-Ring, end connector --  
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