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Hayward Super Pump, 2600 Series Parts List and Diagram


Hayward 2600 Series Pumps Parts Diagram

Hayward 2600 Pumps, Max Rated, Models SP2600, SP2605, SP2607, SP2610, SP2615, SP2621. Be sure to match the motor HP and Service Factor When Replacing your Hayward Super Pump Motor

Hayward Super Pump, 2600 Series Parts Diagram

Hayward Super Pump Parts List

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
  SPX1600AA Pump housing/strainer,1 1/2x1 1/2 w/drain plugs PU-00807
  SPX1620AA pump housing/strainer,2"x2" w/drain plugs PU-00810
  SPX1600T Housing gasket PU-00808
  SPX1600R Diffuser gasket PU-00550
  SPX1600TRA Seal assembly kit(includes seal assembly, housing and diffuser gaskets) PU-06056K
  SPX1600D Strainer cover, clear lexan PU-00811
  SPX1600S Strainer cover O-ring PU-00809
  SPX1600M Basket - Hayward Original BA-0167
  SPX1600M Basket - Generic BA-0167G
  SPX1600N Swivel nut PU-00814
  SPX1600P* Hand knob See SPX1600PN PU-06058
  SPX1600PN Hand knob kit (includes swivel nut and hand knob) PU-06058
  SPX1600V 1/4" drain plug (1991 and prior) PU-00816
  SPX1700FG 1/4" drain plug with gasket PU-06070
  SPX1600GJ mounting feet - long (set left and right w/adapter and 4 cap screws) PU-00821
  SPX1600Z52 mounting foot cap screw (set of 2- 1995 and prior, 2 sets required) PU-06031
  SPX1600Z2 seal asssembly PU-09160
  SPX1600F motor mounting plate PU-00818
  SPX1600Z4 housing cap screw PU-00819
  SPX0125Z44 motor cap screw (set of 4) PU-00830
  SPX0125F slinger PU-00831
  SPX2600B diffuser for 1/2 Through 2 h.p. PU-00551
  SPX1616B diffuser, for 2.5 h.p. only PU-00552
  SPX2600E seal plate, 1/3 Through 1 1/2 h.p. PU-00850
  SPX1611E seal plate, for 2 h.p only PU-00621
    *Limited quantity available- replace with SPX1600PN   --
  SPX2600C impeller, for 1/2 HP PU-00571
  SPX2605C impeller, for 0.75 HP PU-00572
  SPX2607C impeller, for 1 HP PU-00573
  SPX2610C impeller, for 1.5 HP PU-00574
  SPX2615C impeller, for 2 HP PU-00575
  SPX1621C impeller, for 2.5 HP PU-00584
  SPX1600Z1B motor, 1/3 h.p. threaded shaft,(single phase, 60 cycle 115v)    
  SPX1605Z1B motor, 1/2 h.p. threaded shaft,(single phase, 60 cycle 115/230v)    
  SPX1607Z1B motor, 3/4 h.p. threaded shaft,(single phase, 60 cycle 115/230) MO-00132
  SPX1610Z1B motor, 1 h.p. threaded shaft,(single phase, 60 cycle 115/230v) MO-00133
  SPX1615Z1B motor, 1 1/2 h.p. threaded shaft,(single phase, 60 cycle 115230v) MO-00134
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