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Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner Parts List


Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner Parts Diagram

Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner

Hayward SharkVac Pool Cleaner Parts Diagram

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Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 RCX97421 Window Dome Clear SV AC-00455
2 RCX97419 Dome, SV Use RCX97419DG AC-00456
3 RCX97431 Spring, Flat, SV, EV AC-00457
4 RCX97433 Button SV AC-00458
5 RCX97423 Bushing, Dome, SV AC-00459
6 RCX97415 Housing, Filter Bucket AC-00461
7 RCX97417 Door, Filter AC-00461
8 RCX97405 Flap, Drain, Small, SV AC-00462
9 RCX97407 Flap, Drain, Large, SV AC-00463
10 RCX97455 Flap, Rubber, SV AC-00464
11 RCX97447 Cap, Wheel Rim, SV AC-00466
12 RCX97449 Wheel Rim With Tire, SV AC-00465
13 RCX97435 Bushing 1W, SV AC-00467
14 RCX97437 Bushing 2W, SV AC-00468
15 RCX97439 Ring Drive, SV AC-00469
16 RCX97441 Roller End, SV AC-00470
17 RCX97443 Shaft, SV AC-00471
18 RCX97401 Base, SV AC-00472
19 RCX97425 Handle Assembly, SV, EV AC-00473
20 RCX97427 Spring Handle AC-00474
21 RCX97413 Cord Assembly, 50 Feet, SV, EV AC-00477
22 RCX97400 Motor Assembly, SV, EV AC-00475
23 RCX97455 Tube, Vent AC-00476
24 RCX97403 Panel, Side, SV AC-00478
25 RCX97459 Screw M7x10mm, Flat TORX AC-00479
26 RCX97457 Screw M7x25mm, Flat TORX AC-00480
27 RCX97461 Screw M5x12, Pan TORX HD T-20 AC-00481
28 RCX97453 Power Supply, SV AC-00443
29 RCX12010 Screw M7x25mm, Flat TORX AC-00482
30 RCX97409 Tube, Wheel, SV AC-00483
31 RCX97429 Shaft Hinge, SS, SV, EV AC-00484
32 RCX97409 Wheel Tube Light Gray, SV AC-00485
33 RCX26008 Brush Roller, T, S, Clear AC-00216
34 RCX23002 Drive Track Soft Tread AC-00182
35 RCX11000 Impeller AC-00054
36 RCX40117 Drive Pin Assembly AC-00289
37 RCX97430 Bearing, Drive Assembly AC-00454
38 RCX26000 Bering, Idler Pulley AC-00210
39 RCX59002 Connector Housing AC-00316
40 RCX12301 Washer, Plastic Connector AC-00451
41 RCX97462 Compression Seal AC-00486
42 RCX12302 Washer Plastic Connector AC-00072
43 RCX59004 Seal Plug AC-00318
44 RCX59006 Connector Socket, Molex AC-00450
45 RCX12011 Screw M5x20 Pan Torx HD T-20 AC-00067
46 RCX97440 Ring, Drive With Rubber Assembly AC-00487
47 RCX97418 Dome Assembly SV ( Parts 1-5) AC-00488
48 RCX97414 Filter Bucket Assembly SV, EV (parts 6-10) AC-00489
49 RCX97410 Tube, Wheel Assembly, SV AC-00490
-- RCX70103 Filter Cartridge, Disposable, Spring Clean Up, 1 Set, 2 Pieces AC-00448
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DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items.    
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

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