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Hayward SwimClear Filters, Models 2020, 2025, 3020, 3025, 5020, 5025 7000, 7020

Hayward SwimClear Filters Parts Diagram

Hayward SwimClear Filter Models: 2020, 3020, 4020, 5020, 7000
Hayward SwimClear Filter Models: 2025, 3025, 4025, 5025, 7020

Hayward Swith Clear Filters, Parts Diagrams

Hayward SwimClear Filters Parts List

Hayward SwimClear Filter Models: 2020, 3020, 4020, 5020, 7000 Hayward SwimClear Filter Models: 2025, 3025, 4025, 5025, 7020

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
ECX2712VB1 Pressure Gauge FI-06223
2 DEX420Z8A O-Ring, Set of Two FI-06040
3 CCX1000N Air Releif Valve Nut FI-05961
4 CCX1000V Manual Air Releif With O-Ring FI-06041
5 DEX420MAR2 Spindle Gear Bushing FI-06038
6A DEX2420BTC Upper Filter Body C2020 / C2025 FI-06031
6B DEX3620BTC Upper Filter Body C3020 / 3025 FI-06072
6C DEX4820BTC Upper Filter Body C4020 / 4025 FI-06075
6D DEX6020BTC Upper Filter Body C5020 / C5025 FI-06113
6E DEX7020BTC Upper Filter Body C7000 / C7020 FI-06114
7 DEX421J2 Clamp Nut and Bolt FI-06120
8 DEX421JKIT Clamp System FI-06118
9 DEX422Z2 Metal Reinforced Seal FI-06119
10 CX2020DA Top Manifold C2025, C3025 FI-06253
10 CX3020DA Top Manifold C3020/C3025,C4020/C4025 FI-06014
10c CX5020DA Top Manifold C5020/C5025 FI-06054
10d CX3202D4 Top Manifold C7000/C7020   Add
11 CX800Z4 Air Air Relief Filter C2020/C2025 FI-06059
b CX3000Z3 Air Air Relief Filter C3020/C3025 FI-06013
c CX4000Z3 Air Air Relief Filter C4020/C4025 FI-06017
d CX5000Z3 Air Air Relief Filter C5020/C5025 FI-06043
e CX7000Z3 Air Air Relief Filter C7000/C5025   Add
12A CX480XRE Cartridge Element C2020,C2025, 4 Required FI-10314
12B CX580XRE Cartridge Element C3020, C3025, 4 Required FI-10322
12c CX880XRE Cartridge Element C4020, C4025 Required FI-10321
12D CX875XRE Cartridge Element C4520, 4 Required    
  CX875XRE Cartridge Element C4520, 4 Required. Generic FI-10330G
12E CX1280XRE Cartridge Element C5020, C5025, 4 Required FI-10323
12f CX1380XRE Cartridge Element C5520    
12g CX590RE Cartridge Element C7000/C7020 FI-10304
-- CX7020M Mid Plate Connector, C7030 Only FI-06626
13 CX3000F1B Inlet Elbow FI-06009
14 CX3020FB Outlet Elbow FI-06015
15 DEX360M O-Ring FI-06069
16 CX3030C Bottom Collector Manifold FI-06005
17 DEX2420ATC Lower Filter Body FI-06029
18 SP1022CBLK 1.5 Inch Drain Plug with O-Ring SK-1022BLK
19 DEX420DCKIT Strap Kit, Optional --  
20 SX220Z2 O-Ring FI-06117
21 DEX2420F Bulkhead Fitting FI-06034
22 DE2400PAK2CS Plumbing Kit, Includes all 2 -Rrings, 2-Slip Connectors    
23 DEX420LA6PAK Label Pack, Warning Tags, Operations Label Tag, Manual --  
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