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Jandy LX Pool Heater Parts, Parts List, Parts Diagram


Jandy LX Pool Heater Parts Diagram


Jandy LX Heater Parts

Jandy LX Pool Heater Parts List

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Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
Water Components
1 R0326303 Complete Copper Heat Exchanger, Model, 250, Used on LX and LT Heaters HE-21367
  R0326305 Complete Copper Heat Exchanger, Model, 400, Used on LX and LT Heaters HE-21368
2 R0326603 Copper Tube Assembly with Hardware and Gaskets, Model 250,Used on LX and LT Heaters HE-21370
  R0326605 Copper Tube Assemblym with Hardware and Gaskets, Model 400 HE-21371
3 R0334403 Heat Exchanger Baffles, Set of 10, Includes End Baffles, Model 250 HE-21372
  R0334405 Heat Exchanger Baffles, Set of 10, Includes End Baffles, Model 400 HE-21373
4 R0326900 Front Header, With Hardware and Gaskets HE-21374
5 R0327000 Rear Header with Hardware and Gaskets HE-21362
6 R0327100 ByPass Assembly with Hardware and Gaskets HE-21376
7 R0336700 Gasket, ByPass Assembly HE-21377
8 R0327200 ByPass Spring HE-21378
9 R0327300 Coupling Nut Kit, with Compression Ring and Gasket, set of 2 HE-21379
10 R0327400 Compression Ring wiith Gasket. I/O Header, Set of 2 HE-21380
11 R0327500 Header Gasket, Front and Rear HE-21381
12 R0335900 Header Drain Plug with Gasket, Set of 3 HE-21382
13 R0327600 Heat Exchanger, Hardware Kit and Gaskets HE-21383
Gas Components
14 R0327703 Burner Tray, Weldment, Model 250 HE-21384
  R0327705 Burner Tray, Weldment, Model 400 HE-21385
15 L0052300 Burners, Sold Each HE-08082
16 R0327803 Gas Manifold, Model, 250 HE-21387
  R0327805 Gas Manifold, Model, 400 HE-21388
17 R0327900 Natural Orifice, 0-3000 Feet HE-21389
  R0328100 Natural Orifice, 3000-6000 Feet HE-21391
  R0328200 LP Orifice, 0-5000 Feet HE-21392
  R0328300 LP Orifice, 5000-10000 Feet HE-21393
18 R0331800 Anti-Rotation Bracket HE-21394
19 R0336800 Natural Gas Valve with Stree Elbow HE-21395
19 R0336900 LP Gas Valve with Stree Elbow HE-21396
Exhaust System
20 R0331703 Flue Collector, Model, 250 HE-21397
  R0331705 Flue Collector, Model, 400 HE-21398
21 R9328800 Blower Asssembly    
22 R9328900 Gasket with Blower Mounting Hardware    
23 R0331500 Flue Vent    
24 R0331403 Indoor Vent Collar, Model, 250 HE-21402
  R0331405 Indoor Vent Collar, Model, 400 HE-21403
25 R0328500 Outdoor Grill HE-21404
26 R0331600 Vent Hardware Kit HE-21405
27 R0328700 Transfformer HE-21406
28 R0337100 Fuse Assembly, In-Line HE-21407
29 R0302000 Blower Pressure Switch HE-08168
30 R0011800 Temperature Sensor HE-08161
31 E0116400 Temperature Sensor Gasket HE-08162
32 10444900 Temoerature Sensor, Plastic Sleeve HE-08163
33 10447300 Temperature Sensor, Retainer Bracket HE-21412
34 F0009100 Retainer Bracket Screw HE-21413
35 R0328800 Ignition Conrtol HE-21414
36 R0334500 Pressure Swith Assembly HE-21415
37 R0013200 ressure Swith 2 PSI HE-21416
38 R0334600 Siphon Loop HE-21417
39 R0023200 Hight Limit, Set HE-21326
40 R0022700 High Limit, 135F HE-21327
41 R0023000 High Limit, 150F HE-21328
42 R0334700 High Limit Harness --  
43 R0336500 Retainer Plates HE-21422
44 R0337000 Hot Surface Ignitor HE-21423
45 R0329400 Temperature Exhaust, Limit Switch HE-21424
46 R0329500 Complete Wire Harness HE-21425
47 R0330900 Power Transformer, Wire Harness HE-21426
48 R0331000 Ignition Control Wire Harness HE-21428
49 R0331100 Gas Valve Wire Harness HE-21427
50 R0331200 Safety Loop Wire Harness HE-21429
51 R0336200 120 Voltt Power Plug Wire Harness HE-21430
51 R0336300 240 Voltt Power Plug Wire Harness HE-21431
52 R0336400 15 Pin Wire Harness HE-21432
53 R0097800 Terminal Block for Fireman's Switch HE-21433
54 R0329600 Temperature Control With Bezel HE-21434
55 R0334800 Flame Sense Rod HE-21435
56 R0012200 Fusible Link HE-08079
Jacket Assembly
57 R033003 Door with Latch. Model 250 --  
  R033005 Door with Latch. Model 400 --  
58 R0334900 Door Latch Assembly with Handle HE-21439
59 R0335105-03 Raceway Panel Cover, Model 250    
  R0335105-05 Raceway Panel Cover, Model 400 HE-21441
60 R0330100 Lower Side Panel, Fits, Lwft or Right HE-21442
61 R0330200 Upper Right Side Panel HE-21443
62 R0336600 Exhaust Switch Cover Panel HE-21444
63 R0335200 Upper Left Side Panel HE-21445
64 R0335300 Header Side Cover Plate I/O HE-21446
65 R0335400 Cover Plate, Return Header Side HE-21447
66 R0335500 Coverf Panel, Left Side HE-21448
67 R0330303-03 Rear Panel, Model 250 HE-21449
  R0330303-05 Rear Panel, Model 400  
68 R0330400 Corner Posts HE-21451
69 R0330503-03 Top Assembly, Model 250 HE-21452
  R0330503-05 Top Assembly, Model 400 HE-21454
70 R0330600 Temperature Control Cover HE-21454
71 R0330703-03 Combustion Chamber Assembly, Model 250 HE-21455
  R0330703-05 Combustion Chamber Assembly, Modell 400 --  
72 R0335603-03 Base Panel, Model 250 HE-21457
  R0335603-05 Base Panel, Model 400  
73 R0335700 Igniter Box Assembly HE-21459
74 R0337200 Fusible Link Bracket HE-21460
Optional Items
74* R0330803-03 Non Comb Base, Model 250 HE-21461
  R0330803-05 Non Comb Base, Model 400 HE-21462
75* R0335800 Touch Up Paint HE-21463
76* R0336000 Temperature Rise Mesurement Kit HE-21464
77 R0336100 Pressure Relief Valve HE-21465
* Parts Not Shown on Key
Terms: NLA = No Longer Available.    
DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items.    
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

Notice / Important: When adding items to the shopping cart from this page, please make sure that the item added is the same as listed on this page. Occasionally part numbers will change and will not be reflected on this page

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