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Jandy JHP Full-Rated & JHPU Up-Rated Pool Pumps Parts List


Jandy JHP, JHPU Pool Pumps Parts Diagram

Jandy JHP,JHPU Pool Pumps

Jandy JHP-JHPU Pool Pump Parts Diaphragm

Jandy JHP, JHPU Pool Pumps Parts List

Jandy JHP,JHPU Pool Pumps

  R0556500 O-Ring Set, Complete PU-21318
  R0556000 Hardware Set, Complete, JHP / PHP Series PU-21312
  APCK1181 O-Ring, Gasket & Seal kit Jandy JHP & JHPU pumps, Generic    
1 B2979 Motor 2 hp, 2 Speed, 230V --  
1 ST1102 Motor, 1 hp 115/230V MO-00512
1 ST1152 Motor, 1-1/2 hp 115/230V MO-00513
1 ST1202 Motor, 2 hp 115/230V MO-00514
1 ST1302V1 Motor, 3 hp, 230V --  
1 STS1152R Motor, 1-1/2 hp, 2 spd 230V MO-00503
1 UST1252 Motor, 2-1/2 hp, 230V MO-00158
2 R0556000 Mounting Bracket PU-21312
3 R0555801 Impeller, 1 HP up-rated PU-21302
3 R0555802 Impeller, 1 full rated, 1-1/2 up-rated PU-21304
3 R0555803 Impeller, 1-1/2 full rated, 2 up-rated PU-21306
3 R0555804 Impeller, 2 full rated, 2-1/2 up-rated PU-21308
4 R0555701 Diffuser, 0.75-2,5 HP Pumps PU-21300
4 R0555805 Diffuser, 3 HP PU-21310
5 PS601 Seal, Pump, Generic MO-09070
6 R0555600 Body PU-21298
7 R0559200 Mounting Foot Assembly    
8 R0555300 Pot Lid w/clamp ring PU-21292
9 R0555500 Pot Basket PU-21296
10 R0555900 Gasket, Body PU-21001
11 R0558701 O-Ring, Diffuser, 3/4 - 2 HP PU-21002
11 R0558705 O-Ring, Diffuser, 3 HP PU-21322
12 R0555400 O-Ring, Pot Lid PU-21294
13 R0555201 Hardware Set, Diffuser Mounting 1-2 HP (a) PU-21290
14 R0559500 Drain Plugs PU-21236
15 R0339200 Hardware Set, Foot Mounting (a)    
16 R0339300 Hardware Mounting Bracket    
17 R0339400 Hardware Set, Motor Mounting (a)    
18 R0559900 2-1/2 - 3" Coupling Nut Set, 3 HP    
19 R0559900 O-Ring, Coupling Set    
20 R0559400 Cone with O-Ring, 3/4 - 2.5 HP, JHP/ PHP Series    
20 R0559300 Cone with O-Ring, 3 HP    
21 R0398800 Screw with O-Ring, Self Sealing JHP Series    

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