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Jandy Ray Vac Pool Cleaner Parts Diagram, Hose Detail


Jandy Ray Vac Pool Cleaner Parts Diagram (Hose)

Jandy Ray Vac

Tagelus Sand Filters Parts Diagram

Jandy Ray Vac Pool Cleaner Parts List

Jandy Ray Vac Pool Cleaner

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 R0373400 Ray-Vac Whip 6' Blue Complete, w/8 wear rings, sleeve, jet old p/n 3225 AC-01714
2 R0374100 Ray-Vac Mender Sleeve Kit 1/2" includes: Old p/n 1117,1119,1121,3223, 3224 AC-01728
3 R0374300 Ray-Vac Hose Extension Kit 5/8'' p/n R0374300 Includes: R0377300, R0378400 AC-01732
4 R0374900 Ray-Vac Head - Concrete AC-01742
4 R0375000 Ray-Vac Head - Concrete (Black)   --
4 R0376800 Ray-Vac Head - Concrete (Dessert Model)   --
4 R0376000 Ray-Vac Head - Vinyl AC-01505
5 R0375400 Jandy Ray Vac - Hose Replacement Standard (All Models) AC-01502
6 R0375700 Jandy Ray-Vac Hose 1/2'' Silicone w/ Wear Sleeve and Floats old p/n 2985 AC-01758
7 R0376400 Ray-vac Sea Anchor Kit p/n R0376400 Replaces p/n 4267 AC-01772
8 R0376500 Ray-Vac Hydro Timer Replacement Kit p/n R0376500 old p/n 4296 AC-01774
9 R0376900 Jandy Ray-Vac Transporter Jet Kit p/n R0376900 old p/n 2777 AC-01782
10 R0377000 Jandy Ray-Vac Hydro Timer Gear Assembly Kit p/n R0377000 old p/n 2822 AC-01784
11 R0377100 Ray-Vac Hose 1/2'' Vinyl w/ Sea Anchor p/n R0377100 AC-01786
12 R0377200 Ray-Vac Hose 1/2'' Silicone w/ Sea Anchor and Floats old p/n 1814 AC-01788
13 R0377300 Ray-Vac Mender Sleeve 5/8'' Kit p/n R0377300 old p/n 3222 AC-01790 NLA
14 R0377400 Jandy Ray Vac - Filter Screen Case p/n R0377400 Replaces old p/n 1098 AC-01509
15 R0377500 Jandy Ray Vac - Filter Screen p/n R0377500 Replaces Old p/n 1099 AC-01510
16 R0377600 Jandy Ray Vac Screen Fitting p/n R0377600 old p/n 3786 AC-01574
17 R0378000 Ray Vac Quick Discon Repl Kit, p/n R0378000, old p/n 5532 AC-01599
18 R0378100 Ray-Vac - Hydro Timer Swivel Ball Bearing R0378100 old p/n 2030 AC-01511
19 R0378300 Jandy Ray Vac-Line Swivel Ball Bearing p/n R0378300 old p/n 2029 AC-01527
20 R0378400 Jandy Ray Vac - Hose Coupler p/n R0378400 old p/n 1140 AC-01528
21 R0378500 Jandy Ray Vac - Pusher Jet p/n R0378500 old p/n 1161 AC-01531
22 R0378600 Jandy Ray Vac - Line Whip "Y" Jet, p/n R0378600 old p/n 1162 AC-01535
23 R0378700 Jandy Ray Vac- Line Jet p/n R0378700 old p/n 1141 AC-01529
24 R0380200 Jandy Ray Vac - Silicon Pusher Hose 3/8x12" p/n R0380200 old 2818 AC-01522
25 R0374200 Ray-Vac Corner Kit p/n R0374200 Includes: 3173, 3174 old p/n 3266 AC-01730
26 R0372900 Jandy Hydro Timer Repalcement Kit p/n R0372900, for Polaris AC-01710
    Additonal Items Not Shown on Illustration   --
  3223 Mender Sleeve Kit 1/2" Vinyl AC-01728
  3224 Mender Sleeve Kit 1/2" Silicone AC-01728
  2887 Jandy Ray Vac Energy Kit: Includes Filter, Gauge & Valve p/n 2887 AC-01609
  R0377700 Jandy Ray Vac Gauge p/n R0377700 old p/n 2870 AC-01583
  R0374400 Jandy Filter Top w/ Gauge R0374400 AC-01726
  3391 Jandy Filter Element Poly Pro R0374600 AC-01738
  3293 Jandy Filter O-ring Replacment Kit replaced By R0374500 AC-01736
  3191 Jandy Filter Bowl With O-ring AC-01716
  2888 Jandy Filter with Gauge AC-01608
  R0378200 Swivel Rebuild Kit Old p/n 4047 AC-01791
  2930 Booster Bump Kit AC-01536
  1178 Barbed Joiner AC-01178
  1433 Barbed Joiner Sleeve    
Terms: NLA = No Longer Availble. -- --
DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items. -- --
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

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