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Accessories Kreepy Krauly - 2000 Model


Accessories Kreepy Krauly - 1994-1999 Model

Kreepy Krauly Accessories Units Manufactured After 1999

Kreepy Krauly 2000 Accessories

Kreepy Krauly Accessories - 1994-1999 Model

Kreepy Krauly Accessories Units Manufactured Between 1994-1999

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 K121110 2" Hose Cone AC-02119
2 K12078 45 degrees Hose Connector AC-02130
3 K12076 Vac Plus II locking bar AC-02128
4 K12896 Pleated Vacuum Seal for Vinyl Pools AC-02191
5 R211084K Clear Leaf Trap w/ handle AC-02210
6 K121680 Eyeball Diverter AC-02021
7 K121683 Eyeball Diverter Ring AC-02118
8 K12649 Baffle Plate (Not compatible with 1994-1999 models) AC-02026
9 K3349 Vac Line Deflector AC-02116
10 K12330 Ladder Guard (Snap Lock) AC-02042
11 K121620 Wire Diverter AC-02170
12 GW9530 Kreepy Krauly Snap Lock wall fitting p/n GW9530 Old p/n 12500 AC-02212
13 K21241 F/F Leader Hose Adaptor , 3", White AC-02208
13 K12141B F/F Leader Hose Adaptor , 3'' , Blue AC-02209
15 K21265 Hose Protector AC-02114
17 K12097 90 Degrees Hose Connector AC-02028
18 K31400 Step Deflector (not for use in vinyl pools) AC-02113
19 K12065 Wall Climbing Adjuster AC-02020
20 K121240 Hose Connector AC-02027
21 K1070 Low Flow Kit AC-02112
22 K12094 Manual By-Pass for Automatic Regulator Valve AC-02111
23 K12142B Vacuum Line Valve Kit AC-02110
24 K70181 Flow Valve KK2000 Model (For Exchange ONLY) AC-02109
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