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Letro Legend LL105, In Ground Pool Cleaner Parts List


Letro Legend LL105 In Ground Pool Cleaner Parts Diagram

Letro Legend, LL105, 4 wheel pool cleaner

Letro Legend LL105, In Ground Pool Cleaner Parts Diagram

Letro Legend LL105 In Ground Pool Cleaner Parts List

Letro Legend, Letro LL105 Pool Cleaner

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 LXU5NG Top Cover, Gray -- --
2 LLNU145N Main Frame, Legend II Only AC-03030
3 EU10N Bottom Cover, White AC-03035
4 LlU6 Feed Mask,with O-Ring and Swivel AC-03040
5 EC86 Turbine Drive Shaft Complete AC-03045
6 EC83 Turbine Spacers AC-03052
7 EC80 Turbine Bearings AC-03050
8 EA40 TurbineShaft Shield AC-03055
9 EC110 Turbine Cover with Elbow AC-03060
11 EC120 Hose for Turbine Civer - 7-1/2", White AC-03065
12 EB5L Sweep Hose complete, White AC-03075
13 EB10 Wear Ring - Sweep Hose (9 needed) AC-03080
14 EB25 SweepHose Jet With Collar, White AC-03085
15 EB20 Adjustment Screw Sweep Hose, White AC-03090
  370198 Adjustment Screw Sweep Hose, SS --  
16 EA20 Ballast Float, White AC-03100
17 EH07 Hose Sleeve - Sweep Hose, White AC-03105
18 EU15 Coarse Mesh Bag, White Collar AC-03115
  EU16 Fine Mesh Bag, White Collar AC-03110
20 EU9 Debris Valve AC-03120
21 EU7 O-ring for Feed Mast AC-03125
22 E18 O-ring for thust Jet    
23 EC130 Thrust Jet, White AC-03135
24 EC135 Thrust Jet Plate, White AC-03140
25 EC65 Axle - Large Wheel AC-03150
26 EC70 Axle Plate -- --
27 -- Lock Washer for eC70 -- --
28 EC6L Wheel without Bearings AC-03350
29 EC60 Bearings for Wheels AC-03286
30 E10 Backup Valve AC-03175
31 EC55 Wheel Screw Plastic AC-03180
32 LLC1 Tire AC-03183
33 EB15 Clamp AC-03082
34 EC40 Screw    
35 ED50 Feed Hose, Clear Soft, & feet 8 Inches AC-03208
36 ED10P Float Feed Hose AC-03200
37 ED45 Feed Hose, White, 10 Feet 2 Inches AC-03205
38 ED05 Swivel, Feed Hose AC-01124
39 LLU1 Adapter Hose, White, 8-1/2 Inches AC-03215
40 ED15 Mender Nut AC-03220
41 EW22 Wall Fitting, Complete AC-03279
-- E25 Pressure Relief Valve For Wall Fitting AC-03351
42 E24 Wall Fitting Screen AC-03283
43 E23 Wall Fitting Adaptor AC-03352
44 EC64 Wheel, Plastic Washer AC-03235
46 EG15 Gears for Backup Valve    
47 EC131 Thrust Jet Repair Kit, Includes E18, EC130, EC135, White    
48 EA30 Screw for LXC110    
49 EU76 Axle Bolt    
50 EU147 Snap Fit Vac Tube    
51 EU79 Nut and Bolt Feed Mask    
52 LLU8 Venturi Jet, White    
53 EU80 Screw, Top Cover to Frame    
    Backup Valve Parts (E10, #30 on Schematic)    
  E11 Housing Body AC-03353
-- E12 Backup Valve, Top Cover    
-- E13 Backup Valve, Housing O-Ring    
-- E14 Backup Valve, O-Ring Gear Housing    
-- E15 Backup Valve, Screw Housing Body    
  EG15 Gears, Backup Valve    
    Wall Fitting Parts (EW22, #41 on Schematic --  
  E21 Wall Fitting O-Ring --  
  E25 Pressure Relief Valve AC-03351
  E24 Screen Wall Fitting AC-03283
  E23 Quick Disconnect Adaptor AC-03352
-- LL205N Letro Legend Tune-Up Kit, Includes: EU16,EU9,EC80,EC60, EC86, EB5L, EC6L,LLC1
  LL209 Legedn LL105 Hose Kit, Includes: ED45,ED50,ED10P,ED05,E10,LLU1,ED15,EW22,EB10
H2 LX10 Backup Valve, Housing --  
H2 LX11 Backup Valve, Low Pressure --  
Terms: NLA = No Longer Availble. -- --
DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items. -- --
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

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