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Arneson Pool Sweep I Parts Diagram and Parts List


Arneson Pool Sweep I Parts Diagram

Arneson Pool Sweep I

Arneson Pool Sweep I Parts Diagram

Arneson Pool Sweep I Parts List

Arenson Pool Cleaner, Pool Sweep I

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 A60 Polaris Horizontal Pump- Replaces Vertical Pump Complete AC-01110
2 AXF12 Float Arm Grommet for F22 AC-01141
3 AXF22 Pool Sweep Float Arm 3/4" Threaded with Connector AC-01142
4 AXD15P PoolSweep Float Retainer AC-01128
5a/5b AXF01 Oblong Float for float Arm use 5x9 Oval Rope Float LA-08005
6 AXS031P Pool Sweep Feeder Tube Hose Connector AC-01218
  AXF07 O-ring for Feeder Tube AXF07 OR-0130
7 AXD05 Pool Sweep Swivel AC-01124
8 AXD02P Pool Sweep Hose mender Nut AC-01121
9 AXD30P Pool Sweep Weight Retainer AC-00906
10 AXD27 Pool Sweep Feed Hose Weight AC-01133
11 AXD03A Pool Sweep 6 feet, Reinforced AC-01122
12 AXJ28P Quick Disconnect for feed Hose AC-01193
13 AXW10P 1-1/2" Pool Sweep Wall Fitting AC-01221
14 AXD03C Pool Sweep Feed Hose 16 feet AC-01123
-15 D10 Pool Sweep Hose Float for Letro D03C hose, Sold Each, Note: Do Not Use AXS038 AC-04303
16 AXD41 Quick Disconnect Swivel (Letro) AC-00909
17 AXJ27P Quick Disconnect for Sweep Hose Made by Letro (Each) AC-01192
18 AXH03P Sweep Hose Mender Nut AC-01179
19 AXH09C Hose Jet Sleeve with steel tube AC-01185
20 AXH08N Hose Jet AC-01184
21 AXH10P Stop Ring for hose Pack AC-01186
22a AXH05F Wall Sweep Hose with out Fittings AC-01180
23 AXH07P Hose Bushing with out insert pkg/6 AC-03104
24 AX12P Hose Bushing with insert pkg/6 AC-01187
25a AXH05W WallSweep Hose with out fittings AC-01181
26 AXH06 Floor Sweep Hose Extension --  
27a/b L01A Leaf Basket Complete (White, No Cover), Letro L01L AC-01210
28a/b AXL02P Leaf Basket Harness (White) AC-01212
29a/b AXL25 Leaf Basket Cover (No Longer Available) -- NLA
30a/b AXL09 Replacement Screen for Leaf Basket -- NLA
31 AXD28 Deck Stand AC-01134 NLA
32 AXD09P Pool Sweep Finger Screen (old Style) AC-01126
33 AXJ02 Ladder Guard,See Polaris G21 AC-04394
  AXKT02P Swivel Kit includes: (2) #7, (1) # 16 AC-01183
  AXD026P Weight Cover AC-01132
A AXA02L Impeller for 1/2 HP Pump AC-01111
B AX08B Pump Seal Use PS-200 MO-09050
C AXA11 Pump Volute Bolt HA-00103
D AXA12 Pump Volute Nut HA-00200
E AXA39 Pump Volute AC-01114
F AXA40 End Bell Gasket AC-01115
G AXA57 Leg for Vertical Pump AC-01116
H AXA58 Vertical Motor 1/2/ HP AC-01117  
I AXA62S Rain Cover -- NLA
  L209 Hose Box - Complete Hose for Pool Sweep I Letro p/n L209 AC-01189 NLA
J L109 Letro Head Complete Top & Bottom (No Float Arm or Hoses) AC-00943
K L79BL Letro Replacement Head Complete (Top Only) AC-01106
Terms: NLA = No Longer Available.    
DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items.    
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

Notice / Important: When adding items to the shopping cart from this page, please make sure that the item added is the same as listed on this page. Occasionally part numbers will change and will not be reflected on this page

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