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Hayward, Arneson Pool Sweep II Parts Diagram and List


Hayward, Arneson Pool Sweep II Parts Diagramt

Pool Sweep II. The Hayward, Arneson Pool Sweep II was discontinued in 1999. External Parts are interchangeable with Letro Pool Sweep. Internal gears may be interchangeable, but we cannot guarantee compatibility with the newer Letro parts

Arneson Pool Sweep II Parts Diagram

Hayward, Arneson Pool Sweep II Parts Diagram and List

Pool Sweep II

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 AXG31P Upper Bearing AC-01166
2 AXG36B Valve Gear, Red AC-01169
3 AXE036 Turbine Bearing AC-01136
4 AXG33B Turbine AC-01168
5 AXG29B Gasket for gear housing AC-01164
6 AXG28B Gear Housing Cover AC-01163
7 AXS032 Pool Sweep II side Frame Screw --  
8 AXG21C Drive Valve AC-01160
9 AXF24 O-ring for Drive Valve AC-01143
10 AXJ04 O-ring for Valve Body, Generic AC-01191
11 AXS064 Seat Sweep    
12 AXF07P O-Ring Quick Disconnect for feed Hose OR-0130
13 AXG10P Gear Housing Scre AC-01151
14 AXG12P O-ring for gear axle AC-01153
15 AXG62A Gear Axles w/o tile rinser    
16 AXG30B Lower Bearing AC-01165
17 AXG32 O-ring for lower bearing OR-0189
18 AXG08P Housing Washer --  
19 AXA12B Nylon Insert Locknut --  
20 AXG09AWHP Housing Tire Package AC-00923
21A AXG62BW Bottom Shell Extension, White    
21B AXG62BLG Bottom Shell Extension, Light Gray    
22A AXG02ALG Bottom Shell Light Gray    
22b AXG02AW Bottom Shell, White)    
23 AK75 Hose Bushing w/ insert pkg/6 --  
24 AXG15AP Thumb Screws With Springs AC-01156
25 AXS031P Wall Swep Hose w/ fittings, Order Separetly    
26 AXS022 Pool Sweep II feeder Tube Complete AC-00935
27 AXA12P Volute Nut/Sweep Jam nut    
  L209 Letro L209 Replacement Hose For Letro or Arneson Pool Sweep I or II AC-01189
  AXG65A Internal Motor without Tile Rinser    
  AXG70P Sweep Hose Connector (1-G13 & 1 G14) AC-01176
  G90 Replacement Head NLA  
Terms: NLA = No Longer Available.    
DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items.    
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

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