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Parts Diagram - Sta-Rite Dura-Glas and Max-E-Glas Series


Sta-Rite Dura-Glas and Max-E-Glas Pool Pumps Parts Diagram

Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas and Dura-Glas

Sta-Rite DuraGlas Pump Parts Diagram

Sta-Rite Dura-Glas and Max-E-Glas Pool Pumps Parts List

Sta-Rite Dura-Glas Series (Motors & Impellers)

Pump Model Horsepower
Motor (Key #1)
PART # (KEY #8)
Dura-Glas Full Rated Motor
P2R5C-120L 1/2 AE100CHL C105-92S
P2R5C-180L 1/2 AE100CHL C105-92S
P2R5YD 3/4->1/8 A100DSHL-Y   C105-138PEB
P2R5YD-124L 3/4->1/8 NLA   C105-138PEB
P2R5D-124L 1 AE100DHL C105-138PEB
P2R5D-181L 1 AE100DHL C105-138PEB
P2R5E-125L 1 AE100EHL C105-137PEB
P2R5E-182L 1 AE100EHL C105-137PEB
P2R5YE-133L 1 A100ESLL-Y C105-137PEB
P2R5YE-125K 1 -> 1/8 AE100EHL-YS   C105-137PEB
P2R5F-128L 1-1/2 AE100FHL   C105-137PDBA
P2R5YF-126L 1-1/2 -> 1/4 AE100FHL-YS   C105-137PDBA
P4R6E-187L 1 A100EHL   C105-238PB
P4R6F-188L 1-1/2 A100FHL   C105-238PDBA
P4R6G-189L 2 A100GHL   C105-238PEBA
P4R62D3-186L 3/4 AP100DH2   C105-238PA
P4R62E3-187 1 AP100EH2   C105-238PBA
P4R62F3-188 1-1/2 AP100FH2   C105-238PDBA
P462G3-189 2 AP100GH2   C105-238PEBA
P4R6D3-186 3/4 AP100DH C105-238PA
P4R6E3-187 1 AP100EH C105-238PBA
P4R6F3-188 1-1/2 AP100FH C105-238PDBA
P4R6G3-189 2 AP100GH C105-238PEBA
P4R6H3-190 3 AP100HL C105-238PLA
Dura-Glas Up-Rated Motor
P2RA5C-119L 1/2 A100CLL C105-92PR
P2RA5C-179L 1/2 A100CLL C105-92PR
P2RA5D-120L 3/4 A100DLL C105-92PS
P2RA5D-180L 3/4 A100DLL C105-92PS
P2RA5E-124L 1 A100ELL C105-138PEB
P2RA5E-181L 1 A100ELL C105-138PEB
P2RA5F-125L 1-1/2 A100FLL C105-137PEB
P2RA5F-182L 1-1/2 A100FLL C105-137PEB
P2RA5G-126L 2 A100GLL C105-137PDBA
P2RA5G-183L 2 A100GLL C105-137PDBA
P2RA5YE-124L 1->1/6 A100ELL-Y   C105-138PEB
P2RA5YE-181L 1->1/6 A100ELL-Y   C105-138PEB
P2RA5YF-125L 1.5 - >1/4 A100FLL-Y   C105-137PEBA
P2RA5YF-181L 1.5 - >1/4 A100FLL-Y   C105-137PEBA
P2RA5YG-183L 2->1/3 AE100GLL-Y C105-137PDBA
P2RA6YG-183L 2->1/3 AE100GLL-Y C105-137PDBA
P4RA6E-186L 1 A100ELL   C105-238P
P4RA6F-187L 1-1/2 A100FLL C105-238PB
P4EAA6F-198L 1-3/4 AE100F5LL   C105-238PDCA
P4RA6G-188L 2 A100GLL C105-238PDBA
P4RAA6G-189L 2-1/2 AE100G5LL C105-238PEBA
P4RA6YF-187L 1-1/2 A100FLL-Y C105-238PBA
P4RA6YG-188L 2 AE100GLL-Y C105-238PDBA

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