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Swimming Pool Pump Seals

Swimming Pool Motor Pump Seals, Pool Pump Manufactures E-Z

The principal cause of motor going bad is water leaking from the the wet end of the pump, back into the motor or electrical end. The purpose of the seal is to prevent this. Seal failure is generally a result of the pump running dry. When Replacing a Motor always replace the Seal, failure to do so can void the motor warranty.

Swimming Pool Seal Tyes

Seals typically consist of two parts, shown on right are a few examples of seals, show on top are white ceramic portion of seal and on bottom the mechanical portion of the seal, Note: the ridge on the mechanical portion of the seal typically mates with the white ceramic part of the seal.

Pump Model Manufacturer # U.S. Seal #
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Hayward Cast Iron SPX1250XZ2 PS-200
Hayward Max-Flo SPX1600Z2
Hayward NorthStar SPX1600Z2
Hayward Power-Flo SPX1500KA PS-2131
Hayward Power-Flo II SPX1500KA PS-2131
Hayward Super Pump SPX1600Z2
Hayward Super II SPX1600Z2
Hayward TriStar SPX3200SA PS-3890
Hayward Turbo-Flo SPX-1500-KA PS-2131
ITT Marlow 2AF-Series 25353-00 PS-411
ITT Marlow 3B- Series 27223-00 PS-416A
ITT Marlow 4PSC Series 27223-00  
ITT Marlow Argonaut 38592-00
ITT Marlow L-Series 45672-20 PS-978
ITT Marlow L-Series 45673-20 PS-514
ITT Marlow Mardur 38592-00
ITT Marlow SCT Series Stainless Steel 46328-00 PS-2161
Jacuzzi 8M 10-1203-01 PS-877
Jacuzzi 10M 10-1299-06 PS-235
Jacuzzi Cygnet 10-0002-06 PS-200
Jacuzzi A-Series 10-0002-06 PS-200
Jacuzzi J, JCM-Series 10-0002-06 PS-200
Jacuzzi K, KM-Series 10-0002-06 PS-200
Jacuzzi LCM-Series 10-1436-00 PS-200
Jacuzzi LCU-Series 10-1436-00 PS-200
Jacuzzi LR-Series 10-0002-06 PS-200
Jacuzzi Magnum 10-1502-09
Jacuzzi RC-Series 10-1502-09
Jacuzzi Vector (LVL) 10-0602-06 PS-200
Letro Products Pool Cleaner   PS-200
Lomart 40-027 PS-163
Lomart 40-029 PS-163
Muskin 09-2001 PS-163
Muskin 09-2013 PS-142
Pac-Fab Challenger 354545 PS-200
Pac-Fab Dynamite 354545 PS-200
Pac-Fab Dynamo 354545 PS-200
Pac-Fab Dynatron 354545 PS-200
Pac-Fab Hydropump 354001
Pac-Fab Pinnacle 354545 PS-200
Polaris Vac Sweep P-55 PS-1000
  P84-3 PS-3290
Premier 120T Series 31-812
Premier 220/225 Series Pre-1998 31-813 PS-1000
Premier 220/225 MKII Series 31-812

Premier 300 Series Pre-1998

31-813 PS-1000
Premier 325/355 Series 31-812
Premier 455/456 Series 31-813 PS-1000
Premier 500 Series 31-813 PS-1000
Premier 600 Series 31-813 PS-1000
Premier 725/756 31-812
Purex / Hydrotech AH Series P28300/07-1728
Purex / Hydrotech Aquatron 071733 PS-501
Purex / Hydrotech C Series P28175/07-1725 PS-360
Purex / Hydrotech L Series P28300/07-1728
  P28280 PS-100
Purex / Hydrotech Whisperflo P28323/07-1734 PS-1000
Sta-Rite AJ Series U109-93SS PS-100
Sta-Rite CC/C Series U109-43SS PS-185
Sta-Rite CC/C Series, Pre August 2000 U109-220 PS-185
Sta-Rite CF/CFA Series U109-136SS PS-1000
Sta-Rite CSPH/CCSPH S-32014 PS-185
Sta-Rite CSPH/CCSPH S-32015 PS-446
Sta-Rite D Series U109-220 PS-185
Sta-Rite DJ/JS/JT Series U109-358SS
Sta-Rite DJ/JS/JT Series, Pre Jan 2001 U109-93SS PS-100
Sta-Rite Dura-Glas, PE,PEA,P2R,P2RA 17304-0100S PS-200
Sta-Rite Dura-Glas Pre 1998 U109-93SS PS-100
Sta-Rite Dura-Glas II U109-358SS
Sta-Rite Dura-Glas II, Pre 1998 U109-372SS
Sta-Rite Dura-Glas II After 6/2000 37400-0027S PS-851
Sta-Rite Dura-Jet U109-358SS
Sta-Rite Dura Jet, After Jan 2000 37400-0027 PS-4285
Sta-Rite Dyna-Glas / Dyna Max U109-358SS
Sta-Rite Dyna-Glas / Dyna Max, After 6/2000 37400-0027S PS-4265
Sta-Rite HP Series U109-136SS PS-1000
Sta-Rite JS/JT Series 37400-0026S
Sta-Rite JW/JWPA Series U109-358SS
Sta-Rite JW/JWPA Series,After Jan 2001 37400-0027S PS-4265
Sta-Rite LT Series U109-68SS PS-163
Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas 17304-0100S PS-200
Sta-Rite Max E-Glas after 06/2000 37400-27S PS-851
Sta-Rite Max E-Glass Pre 1998 U109-93SS PS-100
Sta-Rite Max E-Glass II U109-358SS
Sta-Rite Max E-Glass after 06/2000 37400-027S PS-851
Sta-Rite Max E-Glass Pre 1998 U109-372SS
Sta-Rite PLBC Series 17351-0102S PS-100
Sta-Rite PLBC Series Pre-1995 U109-93SS PS-100
Sta-Rite SCHP U109-220 PS-185
Swim-Quip XL,VI/XL,VII Series AS-201
Waterway   PS-1000
Wet Institute 1000 PS-1000


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