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Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter


Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter

Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter Features

Star Clear Plus
Key Features:

Single locking knob, securely fastens filter head to tank, and still allows fast access to the cartridge to allow cleaning.

Filter Head.  Easily rotate able to allow position of the pressure gauge, for viewing. Has pressure relief valve to safety.

Heavy Duty Tank filter. Injected molded of Duralon for dependable corrosion-free performance.

Automatic Air Relief.  Purges trap air automatically during filter operation.

Cartridge element is engineered of high quality reinforced polyester, with gasket molded end caps for maximum efficiency, easier cleaning and longer life.

1/2" filter drain valve provides fast draining for elevated spas and tubs.

Available in 3 sizes. 75, 100 & 150 sq-ft.

Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter Specifications

Model Number Effective Filtration Area

Design Flow Rate

8 hours
C-800  75 sq -ft  75 gpm 36,000
C-1100 100 sq-ft 100 gpm 48,000
C-1500 150 sq-ft 150 gpm* 72,000


Part Numbers and Purchasing

Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter Pricing

SKU # Description Model
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FI-05508 Hayward C800, Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter, See C900 as a Replacement C-800
FI-05516 Hayward Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter Model C11002, Replaced by C12002 C-1100
  Hayward Star-Clear II Cartridge Filter Model C15002, Replaced by C175002 C-1500





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