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Swimming Pool Novelty Thermometers

Swimming Pool Novelty Thermometers

Swimming Pool Novelty Thermometers Features

Swimming Pool Thermometers

Made of durable molded ABS plastic. Novelty Thermometer will add a special touch to your pool.

Have range scales for both Fahrenheit and Celsius
Maximum temperature 120F or 50C
Pool or Spa used.
Non-Toxic Alcohol based indicator

An Existing skimmer can be used.

If the pool has an existing vacuum line.  It can be used with the Aladdin No-Niche skimmer.

Part Numbers and Purchasing

Swimming Pool Novelty Thermometers

Sku #
HE-00908 Thermometer - Floating Alligator
HE-00909 Thermometer - Floating Duck
HE-00910 Thermometer - Floating Turtle



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