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Hayward Wall Fittings

Hayward Wall Fittings

Hayward Wall fittings, Pool Returns, Wall Plugs

Hayward Wall Fittings
Hayward Return Fittings, Plugs and Caps

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Hayward Wall Fittings

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  SP-1022-B Hayward Wall Vacuum Plug -1-1/2", p/n SP1022B SK-01019
  SP-1022-C Hayward Wall Vacuum Plug -1-1/2", p/n SP1022C SK-01022
  SP-1026 Hayward Outlet Fitting Grate Insert p/n SP-10126 SK-01024
  SP-1419-A Hayward Return Inlet Slotted p/n SP-1419A SK-01010
  SP-1419-B Hayward Return Inlet 3/8" p/n SP-1419B SK-01012
  SP-1419-C Hayward Return Inlet 1/2" p/n SP-1419C SK-01014
  SP-1419-D Hayward Return Inlet 3/4" p/n SP-1419D SK-01016
  SP-1419-E Hayward Return Inlet 1" p/n SP-1419E SK-01017
  SP-1420 Hayward Return Inlet 1" With Rubber Insert p/n SP-1420 SK-01020
  SP-1420-A1 Hayward Rubber Flow Director p/n SP1420-A1 SK-01020A



Swimming Pool Skimmers, Main Drains, Returns and Grates


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