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Swimming Pool Skimmers, Returns and Related Items

Skimmers, Skimmer Lids, Auto Fillers, Pool Returns

Skimmer Related items including, Skimmer Covers, Skimmer Lids, Pool Returns, Skim Vac Plates, auto fillers and weirs

Skimmers, Skimmer Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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XX-09004No ImageWeirs, Weir door, Weir flap, Weir flaps Please search on WeirWeirs$0.00Reference Only
XX-01016No ImageWall Fittings, Please Search on ReturnWall Fittings$0.00Reference Only
SK-26201 V38099 Click on ImageVal-Pak Vari-Flo Control, Brass, V38-099V38099$114.47
SK-26200 V34124 Click on ImageVal-Pak Valve, Diverter Anthony, V34-124V34124$45.79
SK-22201No ImageWaterway 86422090, 8 Inch Vinyl Main Drain Mounting Plate 6422090$15.20
SK-22145 5508627 Click on ImageWaterway Weir Assembly, Gray, 5508627, No Longer Manufactured, None Available5508627$0.00NLA
SK-22127 5423060 Click on ImageWaterway Weir Door W/ Foam, Flo-Pro II, Above Ground Skimmer White, 54230605423060$6.84
SK-22126 5193090 Click on ImageWaterway Plate, Trim, 51930905193090$9.63
SK-22125No ImageWaterway Face Plate, Grey F/Skim Filter-No Longer White, 51931805193180$12.25
SK-22124No ImageWaterway Face Plate - Wide Mouth, 51941105194110$13.76
SK-18915No ImageWaterway 6422130 Cover, Round, White 8-3/8 Inches, No Longer Manufactured, None availableSK-18915 $0.00NLA
SK-17461 18153 Click on ImageAstral 18153, Skimmer Extension Collar For 07563, 06601, 15700, 17110, 28883 and 28884 Skimmers18153$27,229.50
SK-17459 4402011712 Click on ImageAstral 4402011712, Wide mouth Skimmer Faceplate Kit, Cover, Replaces RS194402011712$29.51
SK-17453No ImageAstral RS-17, Wide mouth Skimmer Gasket, GenericRS17$2.46
SK-17450No ImageAstral RS-15, Face Plate CoverRS15$5.01
SK-17255No ImageAstral 20893R0002, EyeBall Special Order20893R0002$0.41
SK-17251No ImageAstral 20893R0001, Ball Seat, Special Order20893R0001$0.25
SK-17249No ImageAstral 17239R0001, Base Fitting, Special Order17239R0001$4.34
SK-17247No ImageAstral 70114R42016 , Screw A2 4.2 x 16, Special Order70114R42016$16.71
SK-17245No ImageAstral 20888R0004 , Hose Adapter, Special Order20888R0004$1.63
SK-17243No ImageAstral 06579R0101, Brass Graft, Special Order06579R0101$1.55
SK-17240No ImageAstral 01463R0002, FacePlate Wide Throat Skimmer01463R0002$10.21
SK-17237No ImageAstral 4402011712 Concrete Skimmer Frame Gasket Kit, Replaces 00251R0004, RS19, Dimensions: 17.25 x 9 inches4402011712 $29.50
SK-17234No ImageAstral 70114R39025, Screw70114R39025$5.60
SK-17231No ImageAstral 70114R39016, Screw70114R39016$5.45
SK-17162No ImageAstral 00249R0001,Cap, Special Order00249R0001$10.70
SK-17156No ImageAstral 70114R3901, Screw A2 3.9 x 16, Special Order70114R3901$1.10
SK-17153No ImageAstral 7011455016, Screw A2 5.5 x 16, Special Order7011455016$1.10
SK-17151No ImageAstral 4402010501, Weir Float Replaces Astral 052800201, Astral 052800200, Astral 05280R0200, Astral 4402010501, Astral 05280R024402010501$16.73
SK-17145No ImageAstral 28883R0002, Adjustment Blocks, Special Order28883R0002$1.60
SK-17142No ImageAstral 28883R0001, Small Mouth For Vinyl Skimmer, Special Order28883R0001$16.10
SK-17139No ImageAstral 07455R0101, Connection Fitting07455R0101$14.25
SK-17136 05280R0304 Click on ImageAstral 05280R0304, Deck Lid, Locking Spring, Only sold as part of the Lid05280R0304$27.12
SK-17130No ImageAstral 05280R0303, Support Lock Tab05280R0303$14.25
SK-17125No ImageAstral 99131R06022, Screw99131R06022$1.64
SK-17121No ImageAstral 20893R0004, 2 Inch Nut20893R0004$2.51
SK-17118 4411030603 Click on ImageAstral 4411030603, Vacuum Plate, Replaces 20888R02004411030603$9.51
SK-17115 4411030601 Click on ImageAstral 441103060, Weir Kit, Replaces 120888R01004411030601$2.87
SK-17112No ImageAstral 20888R0009, Face Plate Cover20888R0009$5.86
SK-17109 20888R0006 Click on ImageAstral 20888R0006, Sealing Frame20888R0006$8.93
SK-17107 20890R0002 Click on ImageAstral 20890R0002, Gasket20890R0002$26.99
SK-17106No ImageAstral 20888R0005, Gasket20888R0005$9.98
SK-17100No ImageAstral 20888R0002, Lock Down Lid20888R0002$11.87
SK-17073 4402011612 Click on ImageAstral 4402011612, RS14, RS15 With Hardware4402011612$21.16
SK-17072No ImageAstral RS-14, Sealing Frame, Frame OnlyRS14$11.36
SK-17070No ImageAstral RS-12, GasketRS12$36.74
SK-17062 20891 Click on ImageAstral 20891, Complete Skimmer, Astral, Wide Mouth, White, Above Ground, Special Order20891$95.59
SK-17060No ImageAstral 20889, Complete Skimmer, Ag, Astral, Standard Mouth, White20889$59.32
SK-17054No ImageAstral RS-18, Wide mouth Skimmer Sealing Frame, Replaced by AST4402011712, Which Includes Front and BackRS18$30.49
SK-17050 4402010509 Click on ImageAstral 4402010509 Skimmer Cover Kit, Round Lid, , 9-1/2 Diameter, Replaces 05280R0300, 05280R03014402010509$28.02

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1 - 50 of 186

Swimming Pool Skimmers, Skimmer Lids, Returns and Related Items

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