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Swimming Pool Chlorinator Parts

Chlorinator Parts

My Pool Features Swimming Pool Cleaners from all major manufacturers including Hayward, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Jandy, Sta-Rite and others. This page shows all products including complete pool cleaners, Pool Cleaner Parts and Pool Cleaner Accessories. This category is further broken down into smaller categories typically by brand, at the bottom of the page

Chlorinator Parts, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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CH-09033 R172276 Click on ImageRainbow R172276 Commercial Flow Indicator, 0.5 NPTR172276$44.44
CH-09032 R172272 Click on ImageRainbow R172272 Chlorinator 90 Degree Tubing FittingR172272$7.39
CH-09031 R172263 Click on ImageRainbow R172263 Saddle GasketR172263$2.17
CH-09030 R172262 Click on ImageRainbow R172262 Saddle Tube FittingR172262$5.75
CH-09029 R175013 Click on ImageRainbow R175013 SS ClampR175013$5.91
CH-09028 R172269 Click on ImageRainbow R172269 Feeder Tubing, 0.5 Inch, 12 feetR172269$17.87
CH-09027 R172274 Click on ImageRainbow R172274 Compression Nut, 0.5 InchR172274$2.57
CH-09026 R172080 Click on ImageRainbow R172080 Flow Device for 300-239R172080$30.72
CH-09025 R172272 Click on ImageRainbow R172272 Threaded Fitting, 90 Degrees,0.5 InchR172272$7.39
CH-09024 R172086 Click on ImageRainbow R172086 Control Valve, 1/2 InchR172086$51.85
CH-09023 R172256 Click on ImageRainbow R172256 Pipe Nipple, Short, 0.5 Inch ThreadR172256$5.75
CH-09022 R172008W Click on ImageRainbow R172008W Chlorinator Lid, WhiteR172008W$17.07
CH-09021 172034 Click on ImageRainbow 172034 Saddle Clamp172034$4.63
CH-09020 R172033 Click on ImageRainbow R172033 Saddle Clamp GasketR172033$2.00
CH-09019 R172032 Click on ImageRainbow R172032 Injection FittingR172032$5.91
CH-09018 R172086 Click on ImageRainbow, Pentair R172086 Chlorinator 300 Series Feed Control ValveR172086$51.85
CH-09017 R172091 Click on ImageRainbow R172091, Tubing, 5/8 OD x 7.5 InchesR172091$5.27
CH-09016 R172064 Click on ImageRainbow R172064 Chlorinator Parts Bag for Models 300,302,300-10, 300-29R172064$35.99
CH-09015 R172020 Click on ImageRainbow R172020, Chlorinator Check ValveR172020$4.74
CH-09014 R172009 Click on ImageRainbow R172009, R17-2009 Model 300 Series Cap O-Ring, OriginalR172009$6.98
CH-09013 R172008 Click on ImageRainbow R172008 Chlorinator LidR172008$13.47
CH-09011No ImageRainbow R172255 Model 320 Screen, Replaced By 2103962103966$3.18
CH-09009No ImageRainbow R172093 Chlorinator Tubing 0.625 inch, Per FootR172093$1.33
CH-09008 R172023 Click on ImageRainbow R172023 Chlorinator Tubing 0.375 inch OD x 0.25 inch ID, 8 feetR172023$7.50
CH-08320 GLXPCBRITE Click on ImageHayward GLXPCBRITE, Main PCB BoardGLXPCBRITE$470.44
CH-08316 GLXFLORP25 Click on ImageHayward GLXFLORP25 Flow Switch With 25 Foot Cord, No Tee GLXFLORP25$179.10
CH-08315 GLXFLORP Click on ImageHayward GLXFLORP Flow Switch With 15 Foot Cord, No Tee GLXFLORP$85.44
CH-08312No ImageHydrotech B-142 , Brominator hand knob, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleB142$0.00NLA
CH-08310No ImageHydrotech Brominator Lid, B-97, Obsolete, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleB97$0.00NLA
CH-08307 GLXFLO25 Click on ImageHayward GLXFLO25 Flow Switch With 25 Foot Cord W/2 Inch T-FittingGLXFLO25$205.91
CH-08306 GLXCTLRITE Click on ImageHayward GLXCTLRITE AquaRite Control UnitGLXCTLRITE$1,235.00
CH-08305 GLXFLO Click on ImageHayward GLXFLO Flow Switch With 15 Foot Cord W/2 Inch T-FittingGLXFLO$179.51
CH-08304No ImageHydrotech Brominator, Lid Retaining Bar B-98, No Longer Manufactured, None AvaialbleB98$0.00NLA
CH-08300 GLXFLOT Click on ImageHayward GLX-FLO-T, Tee-2 x 2- x 1/2 Inches for Flow Switch GLXFLOT$33.05
CH-08258 CLX220PAK Click on ImageHayward CLX220PAK, CL220 Accessory PackCLX220PAK$31.51
CH-08257 CLX220P Click on ImageHayward CLX220P, 0.25 Inch Adapter FittingCLX220P$2.81
CH-08256 CLX220B Click on ImageHayward CLX220B, CL220 Mounting BaseCLX220B$12.17
CH-08255 CLX220K Click on ImageHayward CLX220K, Saddle ClampCLX220K$5.91
CH-08254 CLX220G Click on ImageHayward CLX220G, Saddle Fitting, EachCLX220G$2.60
CH-08253 CLX200H Click on ImageHayward CLX200H, Feeder TubeCLX200H$3.74
CH-08252 CLX200PA Click on ImageHayward CLX200PA, Large Control Knob, Assembly, 1989CLX200PA$14.80
CH-08251 CLX200CA Click on ImageHayward CLX200CA, Chlorinator Cover and Cap AssemblyCLX200CA$93.36
CH-08250 CLX200B Click on ImageHayward CLX200B, Cover for CL200, CL220CLX200B$13.05
CH-08240C CLX110K Click on ImageGeneric Replacement For Hayward Clorinator Lid O-ring CLX110K, CL110KCLX110K$13.86
CH-08240 CLX110K Click on ImageHayward CLX110K, Chlorinator O-ring, Viton, for Model CL110, OriginalCLX110K$27.79
CH-08229 CLX220H Click on ImageHayward CLX220H, Chlorinator Compression Nut. Package of 4CLX220H$8.03
CH-08228 CLX200C Click on ImageHayward CLX200C, Chlorinator Cap CoverCLX200C$18.52
CH-08227 CLX110C Click on ImageHayward CLX110C, Chlorinator CoverCLX110C$22.38
CH-08226 CLX220GA Click on ImageHayward CLX220GA, Chlorinator Hose KitCLX220GA$24.01
CH-08223 SP1500UNPAK2 Click on ImageHayward SP1500UNPAK2 Flush Union Connector 1.5 Inch Socket, set of 2 For CL100 and CL200SP1500UNPAK2$20.80

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51 - 100 of 103

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