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American Products Caribe 52/104 Cartridge Filter

American Products Caribe 52 Sq-ft and 104 Sq-ft Filter Parts Diagram

American Products Americana Caribe Filter parts list for easy ordering of parts for your American Products Caribe Fiberglass Filter.

American Products Caribe 52 Sq-ft and 104 Sq-ft Filter Parts List

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 53003201 Pressure Gauge, Bottom Mount, Generic FI-00006
2 98209804 Manual Air Relief Valve , Replaces 98209801 FI-04211
3 57003500 Clamp, 12 Inch Diameter Tank -- NLA
4 57003200 O-ring, 12 Inch Diameter Tank OR-0096
5 57003400 Back-Up Ring, SS, 18 Inch Diameter, Limited Quantity -- Call
6 57003600 ABS Cap -- NLA
7 57003100 O-ring, Bottom Seal OR-0382
8 57001600

Top Spider Plate

-- NLA
9 57000500 Cartridge, 5.8 Sq-ft FI-10003G
10 57004000 Adapter Element, 104 Sq-ft -- NLA
  98201700 1/4-20 SS Nut HA-00104
  98201200 Hose and Retainer Clips For HFARV -- NLA
Terms NLA = No Longer Available.
DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items.
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items

Notice / Important: When adding items to the shopping cart from this page, please make sure that the item added is the same as listed on this page. Occasionally part numbers will change and will not be reflected on this page

American Products Source Reference

American Products Catalog 1998, Page 185

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