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AquaVac Aqua Prince Hood Parts Diagrams, After 1995

AquaVac Aqua Prince Hood Parts Diagrams, 1995 and Later

AquaVac Aqua Prince Hood parts list for easy ordering of parts for your AquaVac Prince Pool Cleaner

AquaVac Aqua Prince Hood Parts Diagram
Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1995 and Later
1 RCX1303 Hood AC-00076
2 RCX7802B Hat, Riser AC-00340
3 RCX7802 Adapter, Handle Riser AC-00049
4 RCXP1225L Tie Rod - New Style AC-00436
5 RCX7801P Body - Filter Assembly AC-00338
6 RCX780482 Ring Adapter w/Clamp AC-00050
7 RCX7806 Pin, Handle AC-00345
8 RCX1610B82 Nut - Slotted SS AC-00108
9 RCX7805 Handle - Assembly AC-00344
10 RCX7804A Screw, Pan HD 8/32 x 1" SS AC-00343
11 RCX7813 Gasket Foam 1/4 Inch, Oval Shaped, Sold Each AC-00041
12 RCX7807L Filter - Cartridge AC-00347
13 RCX1610A Hex Nut, 10-32 SS -- --
14 N/A Plate,Filter Back -- --
15 RCX781093G Cover - Filter Assembly AC-00352
16 RCX7803 Filter Conversion Kit AC-00042
17 RCX2302A Bolt, Hex HD 1/4-20 x 5/8" SS AC-00187
Terms: NLA = No Longer Available.
DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items.
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items

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