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Aqua Queen, Vinyl Queen Chasis / Motor, 1988- 1987 Pool Cleaner Parts List

Aqua Queen, Vinyl Queen Chasis / Motor, 1988- 1992 Parts Diagram

AquaVac Aqua Queen Motor
Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
23 505 Q Cord Assembly 60 Feet AC-00308
23  RCX506 Q Cord Assembly 65 Feet -- NLA
  RCX507 Q Cord Assembly 100 Feet AC-00310
RCX508 Q Cord Assembly 80 Feet AC-00311
24 RCX5919 Electrical Plug AC-00320
25 RCX417A Cord, Reference Only -- NLA
26 4/td Sausage Rope Guide -- NLA
26F RCX1510 Foam Cord Rope Guide AC-00090
27 5 Motor Clamp. Sausage Cord AC-00346
27F RCX1511 Motor Clamp, Foam Cord AC-00091
J RCX2220B Washer Flat 1/4" SS AC-00178
K RCX2121B Bolt Hex HD 1/4 - 20 x 3/4" SS AC-00146
L 419 Clamp, Hose, SS -- --
28 RCX400088 Motor, 1/3 hp 110V 60hz AC-00350
M RCX2102B Screw Rd 10-32 x 1-1/4" AC-00135
29 RCX1309 Rope 5' AC-00034
30 RCX1722 Nut - Adjusting Arm AC-00007
31 RCX1726 Sensor Bar Weight AC-00124
O RCX1808 Hex Head Bolt AC-00127
P RCX351A Hex Nut, 1/4-20,SS AC-00270
32 RCX1701 Cable AC-00005
Q RCX1715 Screw RD 10-32 x 1/2" AC-00116
33 RCX1707 Slide - Sensor Bar AC-00015
34 RCX2207L Spring Long- Sensor Bar Slide AC-00168
34W RCX1206 Spring AC-00014
35 RCX1705 Arm - Adjusting AC-00011
37 RCX1710 Bar - Sensor AC-00020
37VQ 1710VQ> Sensor Bar Vinyl Queen, Replace with RCX1710 AC-00020
38 RCX1721 Axle - Front AC-00121
39 RCX1702 Wheel - Front AC-00013
R RCX1702A Snap Ring 3/8 Inch,SS AC-00012
40 RCX1723 Bolt - Adjusting Arm SS AC-00024
41 RCX1711 Balde - Intake AC-00016
41VQ RCX17111VQ Balde - Intake, Vinyl -- NLA
42 RCX1712 Holder - Intake Blade, All Queens After 1978 AC-00017
S RCX1713 Bolt Hex 8-32 x 1/2" AC-00112
T RCX420A Nut Hex 8-32 SS AC-00303
43 RCX1307V Drive Belt - Short AC-00031
43VQ RCX1307VQ Drive Belt - Short - Vinyl Queen, Replace With RCX1307V AC-00031
44 1720A Baffle Wire, SS -- NLA
U 1720B Screw, Slit Pan Head, 10-32x1/4 Inch. SS -- --
V 1703B Star Washer, Number 10, SS AC-00003
W 1720A Bolt Hex HD 5/16-18 x 1" -- --
WB 172082 Bolt Hex HD 5/16-18 x 1" -- --
46 RCX170089 Base - Plate N/S AC-00110
50 RCX1703 Arm - Reversing L & R AC-00001
AD RCX1703C Cotter Pin, 1/16 x 1/2 Inch, SS, Replace with RCX1703D AC-00002
AE RCX1714C Hex Bolt, 10-32x1.5 Incxhes, SS AC-00115
AF RCX2204C Washer Flat #10 SS AC-00166
AG RCX1714A Sleeve - Guide Pin SS AC-00004
AH RCX1610B Nut Lock Hex 10-32 SS AC-00006
51L RCX1600L Wheel - Drive Assembly Left AC-00096
51R RCX1600R Wheel - Drive Assembly Right AC-00097
52 RCX1600A Plate - Inside Wheel AC-00095
53 RCX1602 Gear - Planetary Assembly AC-00099
54 1602B Gear, Ring, Replace with RCX1602 AC-00099
55 1603 Gear, Planetary, Replace with RCX1602 AC-00099
56 1604 Gear, Sun, Replace with RCX1602 AC-00099
57 RCX1601 Plate - Wheel Outside AC-00098
AI 1814D Snap ring, 1/2 Inch A
58 RCX1606 Lock-Wheel Drive w/Stud AC-00101
59 RCX1607A Piston - Wheel Lock SS AC-00104
60 RCX1607 Spring - Wheel Lock SS AC-00103
61 RCX1605 Washer - Wheel Plastic AC-00100
62 RCX1114A Button - Wheel AC-00058
AJ RCX1608 Clip "E" 1/4" SS AC-00105
AK RCX1606A Nut Lock 10-24 Low Prof. AC-00102
AM RCX1814C Washer Flat 7/16" SS AC-00130
AN RCX1113 Key 1/8" SS-Drive Wheel AC-00057
63 RCX1800F Gear Box Assembly - Flex AC-00125
AO RCX1808 Bolt Hex 1/4-20 x 1-1/4" AC-00127
64 RCX1104A Impeller Flex - 3 Blade AC-00056
65 RCX1102A Collar - Impeller Drive AC-00045
66 RCX4148P82 Housing -Pump Plastic AC-00298
67 RCX4209 Pad - Motor Rubber NS AC-00302
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