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Astral Deluxe Wide Mouth In-Ground Concrete Skimmer Parts List

Astral Skimmmer Model 15700 Skimmer Parts List

Astral Skimmmer Model 15700 Skimmer Parts Diagram

Astral Deluxe Skimmer Model 15700 Parts Diagram

Astral Skimmmer Model 15700 Skimmer Parts List

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
A 05280R0300 Lid Kit SK-17050
B 05280R0400 Basket Kit SK-17052
C 05280R0200 Weir Kit SK-17048
1 05280R0001 Deck Collar SK-17030
2 05280R0002 Lid Collar SK-17032
3 05280R0005 Two Inch Plug SK-17038
4 05280R0004 Regulation Plug SK-17036
5 05280R0003 Vacuum Plate SK-17034
6 05280R0007 Flat Gasket SK-17040
7 05280R0203 Weir Float -- --
8 05280R0301 Lock Down Lid -- --
9 -- Lock Down Tabs NA
10 05280R0303 Support Lock Tabs SK-17130
11 05280R0304 Deck Lid Locking Spring SK-17136
12 05280R0401 Basket NA --
13 05280R0402 Handle for Basket -- --
14 15700R0001 USA Pipe Connection -- --
15 05280R0105 Weir Buper Pad SK-17045
16 01463R0002 Sealing Frame SK-17240
17 70114R39016 Screw A2 3.9 x 16 SK-17231
18 70114R39025 Screw A2 3.9 x 25 SK-17234
19 05280R0102 Weir Support SK-17042
20 07455R0101 Connection Fitting SK-17139
21 06597R0101 Body NA --
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