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Astral Multiport Valve, 22355 Parts List

Astral 22355 Multiport Valve Parts Diagram

Astral Multiport Valve Model 22355, 1.5 Inch,

Astral Model 22355 Multiport Valve Parts Diagram

Astral 22355 Multiport Valve Parts List

Astral Multiport Valve Model 22355, 1,5 Inch,

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
-- 22355 Complete Valve, Astral Multiport Valve 22355 FI-17877
1 00600R0201 Handle PU-17247
2 00600R0202 Handle Pin PU-17250
3 22358N-0201 Lid Label FI-17887
4 00545-0204 Washer PU-17205
5 22358R0202 Valve Lid with Label FI-17889
6 19028-0206 Security Clip FI-17826
7 7231400040 Cover O-Ring FI-17092
8 19028R0205 Back Ring FI-17823
9 7230280040 O-Ring -- --
10 19028R0207 Spring Friction Washer FI-17829
11 00600R0209 Support Spring Washer PU-17262
12 00600R0208 Spring PU-17259
13 19028-0400 Rotor With Gasket PU-17820
14 19028-0204 Spider Gasket FI-17817
15 7230130025 Plug O-Ring FI-17082
16 198028-0103 Drain Plug PU-17014
17 00600R0001 Sight Glass Gasket FI-17025
18 00600R0002 Sight Glass PU-17235
19 21786R0002 Body FI-17877
20 00611-0002 Union Nut PU-17274
21 722R0563053 Union O-Ring FI-17065
22 00611R0001 Flat Gasket PU-17271
23 00611R0004 Elbow FI-17038
13,14 19028-0400 Rotor. Gasket Kit PU-17820
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