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Hammerhead Head & Cart Parts Diagram

Hammerhead Head and Cart Parts Diagram

Hammerhead Parts Diagram

Hammerhead Head and Cart Parts List

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
Hammerhead Service 21 Inch Vacuum Head
1 HH1305 40 Foot Motor Cord AC-00414
  HH1000 4 Blade Prop --  
-- HH1010 Prop Pin AC-22050
-- HH1020 Prop Nut AC-22055
-- HH1025 Monofiliament Washer AC-22060
2 HH1030BK 21 Inch Service Heads, Back, Pole Side AC-22065
  HH1030FR 21 Inch Service Heads, Front Side AC-22066
3 HH1225 SS Swivle Handle, No Block AC-22175
4 HH1230 Complete Yoke Assembly AC-22120
-- HH1115 Yoke Mount Block, No Handle --  
5 HH1155 Small Drag Wheels AC-22132
-- HH1160 Nylon Bushing (for Small Wheels) AC-22133
6 HH1055 SS Head Wheel Support Strips --  
7 HH1150 Large Wheels AC-00384
-- HH1195 Bronze Bushing for Large Wheels AC-00392
8 HH1275 Head Bracket Pad AC-22195
9 HH5057 Soap Bottle AC-22500
-- HH1120 Soap Bottle Case --  
10 HH1085 V-Tray Set, Front and Back AC-22085
11 HH1060 On/Off Switch AC-22070
-- HH1080 Frame Plug Set, Set of Six AC-22080
-- HH1125 24 Inch Bungee Cord AC-22094
  HH1130 18 Inch Bungee Cord AC-22096
12 HH5056 Battery Box --  
  HH5055 Accessory Box, Plastic AC-22495
13 HH5055B Accessory Box, Roto AC-22496
-- HH1052 SS Axle AC-22069
-- HH1052A Wheel Bearings, Each AC-22146
14 HH1050 20 Inch Wheel, Complete AC-22108
- HH1050A 20 Inch Inner Tube, Old Style Pneumatic Wheels AC-22067
-- HH1050B 20 Inch Gray , Replacement Tire, Used With Inner Tube AC-22068
15 HH1251 SS Axles Shaft Collar AC-22179
16 HH1075 Cart Leg Skid, Each AC-22075
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