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Harmsco Cluster Cartridge Filter BF168, BF252, BF336

Harmsco Cluster Filters Parts Diagram

Harmsco Models: BF168, BF252, BF336

Harmsco Residential Cluster Filters Parts Diagram

Harmsco Better Filters Parts

Harmsco Models: BF55SC, BF75SC, BF105SC, BF155SC

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 202 Brass Wing Nut FI-02460
2 611 Stainless Steel Lid FI-02478
3 633 Stainless Steel Top Disc for BF168, BF252 FI-02486
-- 634 Stainless Steel Top Disc for BF336 FI-02487
4a G193 Top Rubber Seal for BF168, BF252, Generic, 15 Hole Gasket --  
4a 635 op Rubber Seal for BF168, BF252, OEM, 15 Hole Gasket FI-02482
4b G198 Top Rubber Seal for BF336, Generic, 14 Holes Gasket FI-02483
4b 636 Top Rubber Seal for BF336, OEM, 14 Holes Gasket --  
5a T380 Cartridge for BF168, BF252, BF336, Generic FI-13T380
5a ST6 Cartridge forBF168, BF252, BF336, OEM --  
6 629 Standpipe for BF168 FI-02470
6 630 Standpipe for BF252 FI-02471
-- 673 Standpipe for BF336 FI-02472
7 637 Stainless Steel Sub Base Assembly --  
8 G200 Bottom Sea, Generic GK-0200
8 639 Bottom Seal, OEM FI-02488
9 625 Centering Rod FI-02473
10 621 Cartridge Lifter for BF168 FI-02477
-- 622 Cartridge Lifter for BF252 FI-02480
-- 623 Cartridge Lifter for BF336 FI-02481
11 525 Leg Extension, set of 3 for BF336 -- --
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