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Hayward AquaDroid Above Ground Pool Cleaner Parts List

Hayward AquaDroid Above Ground Pool Cleaner Parts Diagram

AquaDroid Parts Diagram

Hayward AquaDroid  Parts

Hayward AquaDroid Above Ground Pool Cleaner Parts Diagram

AquaDroid Parts List

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1a AXV513BK Screen, Black AC-00861 --
1b AXV513EB Screen, Elite Blue -- --
2 AXV070 Cone Gear Clear AC-00875
3 AXV068 Spindle Gear Screw AC-00852
4 AXV303 Cone Spindle Gear AC-00912
5 AXV309 Intermediate Gear Shaft AC-00918
6 AXV066A Spindle Gear Bushing AC-00848
7 AXV306 Cone Gear Bushing AC-00893
8 AXV301 Intermediate Gear AC-00910
9 AXV060LG Upper Middle body, white AC-00890
10 AXV065P Upper Body Screw AC-00846
11 AXV064 Medium Turbine Drive Gear AC-00955
12 AXV062C Medium Turbine AC-00956
13 AXV009 Medium Turbine case w/axle AC-00957
14 AXV050CLG Lower Middle Body AC-00894
15 AXV503 Ring(No Longer Available) -- NLA
16 AXV057P Middle Body Screw AC-00836
17 AXV313 Lower Body Screw AC-00924
18 AXV031B Flap Adjuster AC-00868
19 AXV030ALG Lower Body Fixed throat White AC-00867
20 AXV434LGP Flap Kit, Light Gray AC-00853
21 AXV051P Pod Screw Kit -- --
22 AXV016P Pod Plug (6 pack) AC-00882
23 AXV552WHP Wing Kit (right & left) AC-00837A
24 AXV014FNP Cork Shoe Kit (4) AC-00842
25 AXV512A Nozzle AC-01035
26 AXV304A Bottom Plate AC-00920
27 AXV417WHP Pod Kit (right & left), white AC-00833
28 AXV551P Wheel Kit AC-01025
29 AXV055P Turbine Bearings (2/package) AC-00832
30 AXV508P AquaDroid top shell w/screen & Port Holes (exchange only) -- --
31 AXV507P AquaDroid port Hole (6 pack), light gray -- --
32 AXV518P Gear Box AC-00871
33 AXV525 AquaDroid Base Plate Assembly AC-00892
-- AXV093B Skimmer Cone AC-00858
-- AXV079P Medium Turbine/Spindle gear kit Vinyl (Medium Turbine, drive gear, bushing, spindle gear, medium turbine axle, intermediate gear, intermediate gear axle) AC-00975
-- AXV151 90' Elbow for AquaDroid AC-00884
-- AXW100 Ladder Guard AC-00887
A AXV111P A-Frame Kit AC-00821
Terms: NLA = No Longer Availble.    
DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items.    
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

Notice / Important: When adding items to the shopping cart from this page, please make sure that the item added is the same as listed on this page. Occasionally part numbers will change and will not be reflected on this page

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