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Hayward Heaters H-Series ED1 Parts Diagram

Hayward Heaters H-Series ED2 Parts Diagram

H-Series Heaters, H150ED2,H200ED2,H250ED2,H350ED2, H400ED2 Heaters

Hayward ED1 H series Parts Diagram

Hayward Heaters H-Series Parts List

H-Series Heaters

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 HAXJKT1150 Jacket Top Assembly, 150 HE-05510
  HAXJKT1200 Jacket Top Assembly, 200 HE-05511
  HAXJKT1250 Jacket Top Assembly, 250 HE-05512
  HAXJKT1251 Jacket Top Assembly, 250, After Serial Number 00421078 HE-05513
  HAXJKT1300 Jacket Top Assembly, 300 HE-05514
  HAXJKT1301 Jacket Top Assembly, 300, After Serial Number 0032018 HE-05515
  HAXJKT1350 Jacket Top Assembly, 350 HE-05516
  HAXJKT1351 Jacket Top Assembly, 350, After Serial Number 00424651 HE-05517
-- HAXJKT1400 Jacket Top Assembly,400 HE-05518
  HAXJKT1401 Jacket Top Assembly 400, After Serial Number 00424651 HE-05519
2 HAXDHO1930 DHO Insert HE-05475
3 DHI150 Indoor Draft Hood - 150 --  
  DHI200 Indoor Draft Hood - 200 --  
  DHI250 Indoor Draft Hood - 250 HE-02526
  DHI300 Indoor Draft Hood - 300 HE-02527
  DHI350 Indoor Draft Hood - 350 HE-02528
  DHI400 Indoor Draft Hood - 400 HE-02530
  HWS150 High Wind Draft Hood - 150 --  
  HWS200 High Wind Draft Hood - 200 --  
  HWS250 High Wind Draft Hood - 250 --  
  HWS300 High Wind Draft Hood - 300 --  
  HWS350 High Wind Draft Hood - 350 --  
  HWS400 High Wind Draft Hood - 400 HE-02531
4 HAXHXA1153 Heat Exchanger Assembly, 150 HE-05499
  HAXHXA1203 Heat Exchanger Assembly, 200 HE-05876
  HAXHXA1253 Heat Exchanger Assembly, 250 HE-05877
  HAXHXA1303 Heat Exchanger Assembly, 300 HE-05503
  HAXHXA1353 Heat Exchanger Assembly, 350 HE-05824
  HAXHXA1403 Heat Exchanger Assembly, 400 HE-05878
5 HAXWHA0002 Rear Wire Harness, MV HE-05563
  HAXWHA0006 Rear Wire Harness, MV, Heaters Manufactured After10/28/2000 HE-05567
  -- Rear Wire Harness, Digital HE-05564
  HAXWHA0007 Rear Wire Harness, Digital, Heaters Manufactured After10/28/2000 HE-05568
6 HAXFOR1930 O-rings HE-05488
7 HAXNIP1930 Flange Pipe Nipples HE-05534
8 HAXNUT1930 Union Nuts HE-05536
10 HAXFCT1930 Flow Control Thermostat HE-05484
11 CHXPLG1930 3/4 inc NPT Brass Plug HE-05106
12 HAXBPK1931 By-Pass Valve Kit, Heaters Manufactured before 10/28/2000 HE-05842
  HAXBPK1932 By-Pass Valve Kit, Heaters Manufactured After10/28/2000 HE-05843
16 HAXHLI1930 Hi Limit 135 Degree F HE-05495
17 HAXHLI2932 Hi Limit 160 Degree F -- --
18 HAXDRV1930 Drain Valve Assembly HE-05863
19 CHXPSA1930 Pressure Switch Adapter HE-05110
20 CHXTBW1930 Bulb Well HE-05116
  HAXTBW1930 Bulb Well, CoTherm,Heaters Manufactured After 06/01/2001 HE-05552
21 HAXFHD1930 Front Header HE-05520
  HAXFHD1931 Front Header, , Heaters Manufactured After10/28/2000 HE-05487
22 HAXLAC1930 Left Access Cover HE-05520
23 HAXURA1930 Upper right access cover HE-05557
24 HAXLRA1931 Lower Right Access Cover HE-05524
25 HAPHK1930 Plastic Hardware Kit -- --
26 HAXTLK1930 Temperature Limiters Kits HE-05553
27 HAXTBK1931 Two Terminal Block HE-05550
28 HAXTBK1933 Four Terminal Block HE-05551
29 CHXGRL1930 TA-2 Ground Lug --  
30 HAXMOD1930 Control Module HE-05533
31 CHXTRF1930 Transformer HE-05118
32 HAXPSA1930 Pressure Switch HE-05542
33 HAXTST1930 Thermostat HE-05556
34 HAXLDK1930 LED Kit HE-05521
35 CHXTSW1930 System Switch, Single HE-05120
  CHXTSW1931 System Switch, Dual HE-05121
36 HAXCPA2150 Control Panel Assembly, 150, Millivolt HE-05463
  HAXCPA2200 Control Panel Assembly, 200, Millivolt HE-05464
  HAXCPA2250 Control Panel Assembly, 250, Millivolt HE-05465
  HAXCPA2300 Control Panel Assembly, 300, Millivolt HE-05466
  HAXCPA2350 Control Panel Assembly, 350, Millivolt HE-05467
  HAXCPA2400 Control Panel Assembly, 400, Millivolt HE-05468
  HAXCPA2151 Control Panel Assembly, 150, Digital HE-05469
  HAXCPA2201 Control Panel Assembly, 200, Digital HE-05470
  HAXCPA2251 Control Panel Assembly, 250, Digital HE-05471
  HAXCPA2301 Control Panel Assembly, 300, Digital HE-05472
  HAXCPA2351 Control Panel Assembly, 350, Digital HE-05473
  HAXCPA2401 Control Panel Assembly, 400, Digital HE-05474
37 HAXGSV001 Gas Valve, MV, Natural Gas HE-05489
  HAXGSV003 Gas Valve, MV, Propane HE-05490
  HAXGSV004 Gas Valve, DS, Propane HE-05491
  HAXGSV005 Gas Valve, DS, Natural Gas HE-05492
38 HAXMAN1150 Gas Manifold, 150 HE-05525
  HAXMAN1200 Gas Manifold, 200 HE-05526
  HAXMAN1250 Gas Manifold, 250 HE-05527
  HAXMAN1300 Gas Manifold, 300 HE-05529
  HAXMAN1350 Gas Manifold, 350 HE-05530
-- HAXMAN1400 Gas Manifold, 400 HE-05531
39 HAXBRN1930 Burner Tube HE-05438
40 HAXBON1930 Burner Orifice, Natural Gas HE-05431
  HAXBON1931 Burner Orifice, Natural Gas HA HE-05432
  HAXBOP1930 Burner Orifice, Propane HE-05433
  HAXBOP1931 Burner Orifice, Propane HA HE-05434
41 HAXIGN1931 Ignitor Asswembly HE-05507
42 HAXPLT1931 Pilot, Natural Gas HE-05539
  HAXPLT1932 Pilot, Propane HE-05540
43 HAXTRK1930 Piltot Tube Replacement Kit HE-05555
44 HAXFOR1930 Header O-Ring HE-05488
45 IHXBMA1401 Rear Header Only, Used on Heaters Manufactured before 10/28/2000 HE-05740
46 HAXPLG1930 1/4 inch NPT Brass Plug HE-05538
47 HAXCIA1930 Corner Piece Kit, 4 HE-05844
48 HAXFHA1930 Front Header, Used on Heaters Manufactured before 10/28/2000 HE-02529
  HAXFHA1931 Front Header HE-05485
  HAXWHA0005 Wiring Harness, Digital, Not Shown HE-05566
  HAXWHA0004 Wiring Harness, Control Panel, Not Shown HE-05565
  HAXWHA0001 Wiring Harness, Millivolt, Not Shown HE-05562
  HAXRFK1930 Retro Fit Kit, Not Shown NLA NLA
  HAXWFN1930 Header Mounting Nut Kit, PKG OF 12, Not Shown HE-02532
  CHXMSI1930 Manual Piezo Spark Ignitor, Not Shown HE-05101
  CHXGEN1930 Millivolt Pilot Generator HE-05079
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DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items.    
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

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