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Hayward Heaters H-Series Parts Diagram, Induced Draft

Hayward Heaters H-Series Parts Diagram

H-Series Heaters

Hawyard H Series Heater Parts Diagram

Hayward Heaters H-Series Parts List

H-Series Heaters

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 IHXJKT1250 Jacket Top Assembly, H250ID1 HE-05751
  IHXJKT1400 Jacket Top Assembly, H400ID1 HE-05752
2 IHXBWR1930 Combustion Blower HE-05742
3 IHXBLG1930 Blower Gasket HE-05737
4 HAXHXA1251 Heat Exchange Assembly, H250ID HE-05502
  HAXHXA1401 Heat Exchange Assembly, H400ID    
5 HAXWHA002 Rear Wire Harness HE-05563
6 HAXFOR1930 O-rings HE-05488
7 HAXNIP1930 Flange Pipe Nipples HE-05534
8 HAXNUT1930 Union Nuts HE-05536
10 HAXFCT1930 Flow Control Thermostat HE-05484
11 CHXPLG1930 3/4 inc NPT Brass Plug HE-05106
12 HAXBPK1931 By-Pass Valve Kit HE-05842
16 HAXHLI1930 Hi Limit 135 Degree F (used On Heaters made after 10/28/2000) HE-05495
17 HAXHLI2932 Hi Limit 160 Degree F -- --
18 HAXDRV1930 Drain Valve Assembly HE-05863
19 CHXPSA1930 Pressure Switch Adapter HE-05110
20 HAXTBW1930 Bulb Well, Cotherm HE-05552
21 HAXFHD1930 Front Header Only HE-05486
22 IHXLAC1930 Left Access Cover HE-05753
23 IHXPHK1930 Plastic Hardware Kit HE-05757
24 IHXURA1930 Upper Right Access Cover HE-05760
25 HAXLRA1931 Lower Right Access Cover HE-05524
26 IHXILS1930 Interlock Switch HE-05748
27 HAXPSA1930 Pressure Switch Assembly HE-05542
28 HAXIGN1931 Ignitor Assembly HE-05507
29 HAXTST1930 Thermostat HE-05556
30 HAXLDK1930 LED Kit HE-05521
31 CHXTSW1930 System Switch HE-05120
32 IHXCPA1250 Control Panel Assembly, H250ID1 HE-05743
  IHXCPA1400 Control Panel Assembly, H400ID1 HE-05744
33 IHXTRF1930 Transformer HE-05759
34 IHXMOD1930 Control Module -- --
35 HAXBRN1930 Burner Tube HE-05438
36 HAXGSV0004 Gas Valve, Propane HE-05491
  HAXGSV0005 Gas Valve, Natural HE-05492
37 HAXMAN1251 Gas Manifold, H250ID1 HE-05528
37 HAXMAN1401 Gas Manifold, H400ID1 HE-05532
38 IHXBMA1251 Burner Manifold - H250ID1 HE-05738
  IHXBMA1252 Burner Manifold - H250IDP1 HE-05739
  IHXBMA1401 Burner Manifold - H400ID1 HE-05740
  IHXBMA1402 Burner Manifold - H400IDP1 HE-05741
39 HAXBON1930 Burner Orifice, Natural Gas HE-05431
  HAXBON1931 Burner Orifice, Propane HE-05432
40 IHXFAD1250 Front Door Assembly, H250ID1 HE-05746
-- IHXFAD1400 Front Door Assembly, H400ID1 HE-05747
41 HAXHOR1930 Header O-Ring HE-05496
42 CHXGRL1930 TA-2 Ground Lug -- --
43 HAXRHD1930 Rear Header Only HE-05544
44 HAXPLG1930 1/4 inch NPT Brass Plug HE-05538
45 HAXCIA1930 Corner Piece Kit (4) HE-05844
46 HAXFHA1930 Front Header Assembly -- --
  IHXWHE1930 Wire Harness EI control (Not Shown) HE-05763
  IHXWHE1931 Wire Harness EI control (Not Shown), Used Starting Serial Number 00746213 HE-05764
  IHXWHC1930 Wire Harness Control Panel (Not Shown) HE-05762
  IHXWHJ1930 Wire Harness Junction Box (Not Shown) -- --
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