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Hayward Heaters HeatPro Parts Diagram, HP5, H/C, HP3100

Hayward Heaters HeatPro Heat Pump Parts Diagram

Hayward HeatPro Heaters, Models HP5, H/C, HP3100

Hayward Heat Pro HPS Heater Parts Diagram

Hayward Heaters HeatPro Heat Pump Parts

Hayward Heaters HeatPro

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 HPX1982 Fan Top HE-05938
2 HPX1981 Side Panel HE-05937
3 HPX1997 Electrical Box Connector HE-05943
4 HPX2247 Control Box Assembly HE-05966
5 HPX1985 Contactor HE-05940
6 HPX2290 Control Board Assembly HE-05974
7 HPX2227 Contactor HE-05963
8 HPX2181 Water Pressure Switch HE-05954
9 HPX2135 Transformer HE-05951
10 HPX2040 Capacitor HE-05947
11 HPX1986 Bent Coil With Guard --  
  The Following are Not Shown on the Diagram
-- HPX1916 Compressor HE-05935
  HPX2092-H/C Condenser HE-05949
  HPX2268 Wiring Harness PST HE-05972
  HPX11031134 Fan Motor HE-05913
  HPX1437 Fan Blade HE-05924
  HPX1987 Fan Mounting Bracket HE-05941
  -- Bulb Well HE-05944
  HPX2179 Replacement LP Switch HE-05953
  HPX2186 Replcement HP Switch HE-05956
  HPX2412 Reversing Valve Assembly, Includes TXV Assembly HE-05984
  HPX2262A Tie Down Kit HE-05969
  HPX2169 Temperature Sensor HE-05952
  HPX0054 Compressor Mounting Kit HE-05894
  HPX2223 Compressor Electric Plug HE-05962
  HPXFUSE1A Kit Fuse 1 Amp ( 5/Pack) HE-06001
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DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items.    
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

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