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Hayward Navigator Pro Pool Cleaner Parts List

Hayward Navigator Pro Pool Cleaner Parts Diagram

Hayward Navigator Pro Pool Cleaner

The Hayward Navigator Pro is a more stylish version of the Hayward Navigator Pool Cleaner.

Hayward Navigator Pro Parts Diagram

Hayward Navigator Pro Pool Cleaner Parts List

Hayward Navigator Pro Pool Cleaner

1a AXVU016 Navigator Pro Skirt Kit    
1b AXVU005 Navigator Pro Handle Kit AC-00888
2 AXV070 Cone Gear AC-00875
3 AXV301 Intermediate Gear AC-00910
4 AXV309 Intermediate Gear Shaft AC-00918
5 AXV068 Spindle Gear Screw AC-00852
6 AXV303 Spindle Gear AC-00912
7 AXV306 Cone Gear Bushing AC-00893
8 AXV066A Spindle Gear Bushing AC-00848
9 AXV060WH Upper Middle Body, White AC-00890
10 AXV065P Upper Middle Body Screw AC-00846
11 AXV062C Medium Turbine AC-00956
12 AXV009 Medium Turbine Case with Axle AC-00957
13 AXV065P Upper Body Screw (6 pack AC-00846
14 AXV408P Gear Box Assembly AC-00958
15 AXVU009 Screen Kit AC-00857
15 AXVU009BK Screen Kit, Black --  
16 AXV054FH Float Kit AC-00864
17 AXV050CWH Lower Middle Body, White AC-00827
18 AXV057P Middle Body Screw(6 pack) AC-00836
19 AXV313 Lower Body Screw AC-00924
20 AXV621DAT Kit-Universal, Turbine/A-Frame AC-00822
21 AXV434BKP Flap Kit, Black (2 Flaps, Front & Rear) AC-00883
21 AXV434WHP Flap Kit, White (2 Flaps, Front & Rear) AC-00876
22 AXV031B Flap Adjuster AC-00817
23 AXV230DBK Lower Middle Body,Black AC-00955
23 AXV230DWH Lower Middle Body, White AC-00817
24 AXV417WHP Pod Kit, with Screws and Caps, White AC-00833
24 AXV417BKP Pod Kit, with Screws and Caps, Black AC-00838
25 AXSCR4008 Pod Screw Kit (2 screws and 2 washers) --  
26 AXV016P Pod Plug (white,gray,blue), 2 Each AC-00882
27 AXV604BKP Wing Kit, (2 Wings, Right & Left), Black AC-00831
27 AXV604WHP Wing Kit, (2 Wings, Right & Left), White AC-00837
28 AXV414P Pod shoes, Concrete (4 shoes) AC-00841
28 AXV413P Pod shoes, Vinyl (4 shoes) AC-00841V
29 AXV314P Captive Screw with Clip AC-00847
30 AXV603 Fixed Access Cover for Concrete & Desert Models (925C) AC-00969
30 AXV603A Fixed Access Cover for Vinyl Models (925V) AC-00970
31 AXV602P Turbine Kit, Main Turbine & Bearings p/n AXV602P AC-00891
32 AXV055P Turbine Bearings (2 pack) AC-00832
-- AXV093CP Skimmer Cone AC-00858
-- V096 In-Line Vacuum Gauge AC-00859
-- V574 Flow Gauge AC-00865

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