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Hayward Perflex EC-30 Pool Filter Parts List


Perflex EC-30 Pool Filter

Hayward Perlex EC30 Parts Diagram

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Perflex EC-30 Pool Filter

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 ECX10066 Bump mechanism cover FI-06416
2a ECX1131P Filter head with vent valve - EC30 FI-06418
2b ECX10334P Filter head with vent valve - EC40 FI-05538
2c ECX5000BP Filter head with vent valve - EC40AC FI-06390
3 ECX1322A Vent valve threaded with O-ring FI-05539
4 ECX4000C Clamp assembly with hardware FI-06420
5 ECX4000CHK Hardware kit for clamp assembly (2 bolts, 1 nut, 1 spacer, 2 washers) FI-06422
6a ECX1037A Bump handle assembly- Noryl- EC30 FI-06424
6b ECX1040 Bump handle assembly - Noryl EC40/EC40AC FI-05542
7a ECX1037B Bump handle grip- Noryl FI-06360
7b ECX2706A Bump handle grip- vinyl (metal handle) FI-06426
8 ECX4236A Bump handle screw kit FI-06358
8a ECX100Z9 Pivot pin (long) EC40AC only FI-06356
9a ECX1009 Bump shaft, 1/2" -EC30/EC40 FI-06398
9b ECX5000F Bump shaft, 1/2" -EC40AC FI-06400
10 ECX10271A Filter head screw set-EC30/EC40 FI-06402
11a ECX1038 Tube sheet, (bottom)- EC30 FI-06428
11b ECX1038A Tube sheet, (top)- EC30 FI-06429
11a ECX1004 Tube sheet (bottom) EC40/EC40AC FI-06404
11b ECX1004A Tube sheet (top) EC40/EC40AC FI-06405
12a ECX1039 Diaphragm gasket-EC30 FI-06430
12b ECX1003 Diaphragm gasket-EC40 FI-05546
12c ECX5000G Diaphragm gasket-EC40AC (Clamp Style Lid) FI-06406
13 ECX1014A Bump shaft kit FI-06362
14 ECX1031 Flex -tube assembly (54 for EC30, 72 for EC40/EC40AC FI-06432
15 ECX1500NYA Tube sheet hex screw set- EC30/EC40 FI-06378
16 ECX27081 Pressure gauge FI-06374
17 SP1022C Plug with gasket SK01022
-- SP0723 Ball- type drain valve w/o nipple, FIP FI-06363
-- SP0723S Ball- type drain valve w/ nipple, SKT FI-06364
18 ECX1256 Flow diffuser with check valve FI-06408
19 ECX4077B1 Check Valve FI-05557
20 ECX1055 Flow controller FI-06410
21a ECX1132P Filter body with flow diffuser- EC30 FI-06436
21b ECX10344P Filter body with flow diffuser-EC40 FI-06438
21c ECX4034 Filter body with flow diffuser-EC40AC FI-06440
-- ECX1133 Flex tube nest, (w/ 9, 11-15) EC30 FI-06442
-- ECX1035 Flex tube nest, (w/ 9, 11-15) EC40 FI-06444
-- ECX4035 Flex tube nest, (w/ 9, 11-15) EC40AC FI-06446
22 SPX12500ES 6 Foot Cord -- --
23 ECX1108A Pump Mounting Base Screw With Washer -- --
24 EC1161PAK Platform Bases w/screws -- --
25 SP1480 1-1/2" Male Union -- --
26 SPX1105Z4 1-1/2" Elbow Hose ADAPTER -- --
27 ECX27071 1-9/16" ID Clear Hose -- --
28 ECX18028 Hose Clamp -- --
29 ECX10992 Pump Mounting Base -- --
30 ECX1108A Pump Mounting Screw w/Washer -- --
31 EC1161PAK Platform Bases w/screws -- --
32 SP1480 1-1/2" Male Union FI-06367
33 ECX1121 Rain shield Cover Assembly -- --
34 SPX11411Z3 Pan Head Hilo Screw -- --
35ECX1229 Motor Air Baffle -- --
36 ECX1325 Switch Assembly -- --
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