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Hayward Star-Clear Cartridge Filter Parts List

Star-Clear Cartridge Filter Parts Diagram

Hayward Star-Clear Filters: Models C250, C500, C750, C1100

Hayward Star Clear Filter Parts Diagram

Star-Clear Cartridge Filter Parts List

Hayward C250 Star Clear Filter Parts, Hayward C500 Star Clear Filter Parts, Hayward C750 Star Clear Filter Parts,Hayward C1100 Star Clear Filter Parts

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 CX250G Locking knob FI-05699
2 CX250Z7 O-ring FI-05964
3a ECX1322A Directional vent valve with O-ring FI-05539
3b SPX1082Z410 Relief valve O-ring only (package of 10) -- --
4 CX250C Filter head (dome) with air relief valve FI-05695
5 CX250F Filter head gasket OR-0305O
6a CX250Z2S Tie rod (250), 18 9/32" -- --
6b CX500Z2S Tie rod (500), 28 3/32" -- --
6c CX750Z2S Tie rod (750, C100), 38 1/16" -- --
7a CX250RE Cartridge element (C250) FI-10309
7b CX500RE Cartridge element (C500) FI-10311
7c CX750RE Cartridge element (C750) FI-10313
7d CX1100RE Cartridge element (C1100) FI-10319
8a CX250AA1 Filter body with tie rod assembly (C250) FI-06476
8b CX500AA1 Filter body with tie rod assembly (C500) FI-06478
8c CX750AA1 Filter body with tie rod assembly (C750,C1100) FI-06480
9 EECX27091 Pressure gauge, back mount FI-00010
10 CX250Z14A Drain plug kit FI-06482
11 ECX4077B1 Check valve (optional) FI-05557
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