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Jacuzzi CFR Cartridge Filters Parts List and Diagram

Jacuzzi CFR Filters

Jacuzzi CFR parts list for Jacuzzi CFR50, CFR75, CFR100, CFR150

Jacuzzi CFR Cartridge Filters Parts Diagram

Jacuzzi CFR Filters

Jacuzzi CFR Cartridge Filter Parts Diagram

Jacuzzi CFR Parts List

Jacuzzi CFR Filters

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 42-2850-07-R Nut Eff 12/1/92 with Tabs FI-01230
2 42-2253-18-R Lens - On Model Prior to 1/94    
3 9193-4182-R Pressure Gauge    
4 39-2547-01-R Air Bleeder Valve w/ O-ring 47010608R FI-12027
6 42-2852-05-R Cover CFR 50, 100 FI-12030
6a 42-2998-00-R Cover CFR 75, 150 FI-12032
7 47-0380-47-R O-ring FI-12025C
8 42-2893-06-R Body 50 & 75 Sq ft w/ 2" Connector    
  42-3623-01-R Body 50 & 75 sq ft w/ 1-1/2" Connector    
  42-2894-05-R Body 100 & 150 sq ft w/ 2" Connector    
  42-3624-00-R Body 100& 150 sq ft w/ 1-1/2" Connector    
9 47-0380-47-R O-ring (used on units prior to 2/1/93 FI-12025C
10 42-2254-09-R Drain Plug used on units prior to 2/1/93 -- NLA
11 42294009R Cartridge Element, 50 Sq. ft. FI-10407G
  42294306R Cartridge Element, 100 Sq. ft. FI-139699
  42350900R Cartridge Element, CFR 75 FI-10409G
-- 42350801R Cartridge Element, CFR150 FI-10413G
12 42294207R Dirt Catcher, 50 Sq. ft. 12/89 FI-12013
  42294306R Dirt Catcher, 100 Sq. ft. 12/89 FI-12021
  42299503R Dirt Catcher, 75 Sq. ft. FI-12015
-- 42299305R Dirt Catcher, 150 Sq. ft. FI-12020
14 42360107R010 CFR Locking Tab (1-10 per pack)    
15 31-0636-05-R Drain Nipple 1* 2-1/2    
17a 85-8262-00-R Drain Cap w/ 13102306 Gasket (21/93 - 1/3/96)    
17 31063605RKit Drain Assembly includes #15    
  43-3092-02-R 2" Plug with O-ring    
  43-3091-03-R 1-1/2" Lug with o-ring    
18 47025853R sq. ring 6*1/8 - L>H (only)    
Terms: NLA = No Longer Available.    
DS = Drop Shipped, Cannot be combined with any other Items.    
OS=Cannot Ship UPS & Cannot be combined with other items    

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