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Jacuzzi Avalanche DE Filter Parts Diagram

Parts Diagrams and Parts List for Jacuzzi Avalanche DE Filters

Avalanche DE Filters, Models AV40, AV60, AV80, AV100

Jacuzzi Avalanche Parts Diagram

Jacuzzi Laser Sand Filters

Jacuzzi Avalanche pool Filter Parts Diagram

Jacuzzi Avalanche Parts List

Jacuzzi Avalanche DE Filters

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 42361402R Handle FI-12083
2 42367102R Ring Lok FI-12031
3 42367706R Cover Latch FI-12084
4 14428205R Air Bleed Knob with O-Ring FI-12085
5 43309806R O-Ring Boot -- --
6 FI-00005 Pressure Gauge, Back Mount 0-60 PSI , Generic FI-00005
7 42285205R Cover, AV40 FI-12030
-- 42299800R Cover, AV60 FI-12032
-- 42361000R Cover, AV80 FI-12087
-- 42361101R Cover, AV100 FI-12088
8 23483605R Lifting Strap, AV40 FI-12089
  23483506R Lifting Strap, AV60 FI-12090
  23483407R Lifting Strap, AV80 FI-12091
  23495302R Lifting Strap, AV100 FI-12092
9 47038047R O-Ring FI-12025C
10 42357004R AV40 Grid, 7 Inch Wide, 12 Inch Long (2 Required) FI-12093
-- 42356907R AV40 Grid, 8.5 Inch Wide, 12 Inch Long (4 Required) FI-12094
-- 42212514R AV60 Grid, 7 Inch Wide, 18 Inch Long (2 Required) FI-12095
-- 42212316R AV60 Grid, 8.5 Inch Wide, 18 Inch Long (4 Required) FI-12096
-- 42295204R AV80 Grid, 7 Inch Wide, 24 Inch Long (2 Required) FI-12097
-- 42295105R AV80 Grid, 8.5 Inch Wide, 24 Inch Long (4 Required) FI-12098
-- 42295501R AV100 Grid, 7 Inch Wide, 30 Inch Long (2 Required) FI-12099
-- 42295402R AV100 Grid, 8.5 Inch Wide, 30 Inch Long (4 Required) FI-12100
10A 4237108R AV40 Grid Assembly --  
  42374207R AV60 Grid Assembly FI-12101
-- 42374306R AV80 Grid Assembly FI-12102
-- 42377405R AV100 Grid Assembly FI-12103
11 42353102R Wiper Tie Rod, AV40 FI-12104
  42351007R Wiper Tie Rod, AV60 FI-12105
-- 42351601R Wiper Tie Rod, AV80 FI-12106
-- 42351809R Wiper Tie Rod, AV100 FI-12107
12 14431407R Nut FI-12108
13 31173107R Top Extension AV40 FI-12109
  31173206R Top Extension AV60 FI-12110
  31173305R Top Extension AV80 FI-12111
14 42355909R Support Plate FI-12112
15 42355909R Wiper Plate FI-12113
16 31168708R Spacer AV40 FI-12114
  31168909R Spacer AV60, AV100 (2 Required) FI-12115
  31168800R Spacer AV80 FI-12076
17 42354605R Manifold FI-12117
  43309202R Plug 2 Inch FI-12118
20 43309103R Plug 1.5 Inch FI-12119
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