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Jacuzzi B Pool Pumps- Parts List

Parts Diagrams and Parts List for Jacuzzi B Pool Pumps

Jacuzzi B Pump

Jacuzzi B Pool Pumps Parts Diagram

Jacuzzi Magnum, Magnum Plus, Magnum Force, Magnum Force 3 Pool Pumps

Jacuzzi B Series Pumps Parts Diagram

Jacuzzi B Series Pool Pumps Parts List

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 42167809R Jacuzzi Strainer Nut PU-07049
2 39075310R Strainer Cover PU-07047
3 47035241R Strainer Cover, O-Ring, Generic OR-0459
4 16072902R Strainer Basket BA-16072902R
5 16113120K  Strainer Case Kit B-Pump Flat Discharge PU-07051
6 10146207R Eye Seal PU-07050
7 05-3862-06R  Impeller 0.75 hp 3.45 Inch Diameter, Jacuzzi S7J S7K PU-07060
  053863-05R Impeller 1.0 hp 3.45 Inch Diameter, Jacuzzi S1B PU-07062
  05386404R Impeller 1.5 hp 3.45 Inch Diameter, Jacuzzi S15B PU-07064
8 10080208R Motor Seal, Original, 5/8 Inch Shaft PU-07053
8 PS200 Motor Seal, Generic MO-09050
9 47035850R Ring, RG 5-5/8X3/16X3/16 Nitrile Rubber FI-12053
10 02167245R Bracket    
11 BN24V1  Motor 48Y 115v 0.75 HP 1 Speed, 9.8 Amps 3450 RPM 1.0 SF 48 Frame MO-00200
11 BN25V1 Motor 48Y 115v 1.0 HP 1 Speed, 12 AMP 3450 RPM 1.0 SF MO-00201
11 BN35V1 Motor 48Y 115/230 Volts 1.5 Hp 1 Speed, 16/8  AMPS 3450 RPM 1.0 SF MO-00202
12 31160906R2 Drain Plug with O-Ring -07040
13 NoT Shown O-Ring for Plug, Generic    
14 441406R5 Fastener,ST-A SLT IND HEXWASH10X1 5/BAG 5/pk    
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