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Pentair, Rainbow Chlorinator 320 Parts Diagram

Rainbow Automatic Feedder Model 320 Parts Diagram

Rainbow Chlorinatora, Residential Models 320

Rainbow Chlorinator 320 Parts Diagram

Rainbow Automatic Feedder Model 320 Parts List

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 R172052 Cap Wrench CH-09041
2 R172008W Three Inch Threaded Cap CH-09022
3 R172009 O-Ring, Cap CH-09014
4 R172321 320 Body, New Style CH-09051
5 R01052 Lock Screw CH-09047
6 R172248 Check Valve CH-09050
7 R172317 Diverter Tee, 1.5 Inch NPT CH-09049
8 R172256 Male Pipe Nipple, Short, 1/2 Inch Thread CH-09023
9 R172086 Control Valve, 1/2 Inch CH-09018
10 R172272 Threaded Fiiting, 90 Degrees, 1/2 Inch CH-09025
-- R172274 Compression Nut for R172272 CH-09027
11 R172901 5/8 Inch OD Short Feeder Hose CH-09017
  R171097 Tube Support Spring CH-09053
12 R172210 2 Inch x 1.5 Inch slip x slip Bushing for 1.5 Inch PVC    
13 R172037 Spa Chamber, Model 302 Only CH-09044
14 R172036 Silicone Lubricant, Sunstitute Magic Lube
15 R172255 Screen CH-09011
16 R172134 1/2 Inch MPT, PVC Plug CH-09042
17 R172253 5/8 Inch Od x 18 inches tube CH-09052
18 R172319 Bottom O-ring CH-09055
19 R172048B Standpipe Adapter for Bromine    
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