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Pentair, Sta-Rite System3 Moudlar Media Filter Parts List

Sta-Rite System3 Moudlar Media Filter Parts Diagram

Sta-Rite S7M120,S7M400, S8M150,S8M500 Filters

Sta-Rite Posi-Flo II Parts Diagram

Sta-Rite System3 Moudlar Media Filter Parts List

Sta-Rite S7M120,S7M400, S8M150,S8M500 Filters

Key Model Description Product ID Buy Me
1 33600-0023T Pressure Gauge, 2 Inch FI-15300
2 WC8-72D Filter Screen
3 WC212-12OP Air Release Valve FI-00003
4 35202-0959 Nipple FI-15302
5 24900-0504 Adapter Bushing FI-15303
6 35505-1423 O-Ring, Original FI-15304
  35505-1423 O-Ring, Generic OR-0315
7 25022-0201S Large Cartridge, S7M120 Filter FI-11031
  25022-0224S Large Cartridge, S7M400 Filter FI-11032
  25022-0203S Large Cartridge, S8M150 Filter FI-11029
  25022-0225S Large Cartridge, S8M500 Filter FI-11033
8 25021-0200S Small Cartridge, S7M120 Filter FI-11026
  25021-0223S Small Cartridge, S7M400 Filter FI-11025
  25021-0202S Small Cartridge, S8M150 Filter FI-11028
  25021-0224S SmallCartridge, S8M500 Filter FI-11024
9 25021-0004 Air Bleed Filter FI-012016
10 25021-0003 Air Bleed Tube FI-15305
11 25021-0101 Baffle and Bulkead Fitting FI-15306
12 35505-1428 O-Ring, Generic OR-0041
13 35505-1429 O-Ring, Generic OR-12040
14 25021-0100 Elbow and Bulkhead Assembly FI-15307
15 35505-1425 O-Ring,Generic OR-12283
16 35505-1424 O-Ring, Generic OR-12083
17 24900-0509 Adapter Fitting FI-15308
18 08419-0201 1.5 Inch NPT Plug    
19 24900-0503 Drain Plug FI-15309
20 24752-0050 Bulkhead Retaining Nut FI-15310
21 24850-0200 Clamp Assembly FI-15311
21A 24850-0010 Clamp Bolt FI-15312
22 24850-0102S Lower Tank Half FI-15313
23 24850-0008 Cord Ring FI-15317
24 24851-9000 Upper Tank Half, S7M120 FI-15314
-- 24851-9000 Upper Tank Half, S7M400 FI-15314
-- 24851-9001 Upper Tank Half, S8M150 FI-15315
-- 24851-9001 Upper Tank Half, S8M500 FI-15315
25 24850-0105 Valve and Gauge Assembly, Includes 1,2,3,4,5,6 FI-15316
-- 24850-0006 Clamp Retaining Ring FI-15318
-- U11-196P Adapter Union 2 Inch Slip FI-15319
-- U9-200P Union Collar, 2 Inch    
  U9-362 O-Ring    
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