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Sta-Rite Great White 9500 In-Ground Cleaner

Sta-Rite Great White 9500 Pool Cleaner

Swimming Pool Cleaner. Sta-Rite Great White Pool Cleaner.

Americana II parts Diagram

Scrubs as it vacuums

Double rows of brushes loosen dirt and grime from  pool floor.  The  oscillating vortex allows it to devour small and  large.  It clears a 15" path without  creating cloudy water.

Complete,Quick Coverage

The Great white is propelled smoothly along pool  bottoms and  walls by Sta-Rite unique bristle drive for quick and complete  cleaning of flat bottom, dish bottom, incline bottom and hopper bottom pools. The GE9500 has a special cam that prevents it from being trapped behind pool ladders.

Easy to Install

Nothing could be easier.  Simply remove cleaner from the box, make the hose attachments, place it in the pool and relax. Your pool  bottom will be cleaned completely and automatically


The great white comes fully equipped for immediate use, including a one piece 24' extensions hose and two 8' extensions for lager pools.  Additional extensions are available for larger pools. The exclusive  Vac handle   attachment easily connects to your telescopic  pole for spot   cleanups.

Part Numbers and Purchasing

Great White Model GW9500

Manufacturer #
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Sta-Rite Great White Model GW9000 - Above ground
Sta-Rite Great White Model GW9500 - In ground




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