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Swimming Pool Heat  Pumps Heat Siphon 

Heat Siphon Heat  Pumps

Every unit is tested before, during and after final assembly for heat output, water and refrigerant seals as well as safety compliance. Heat siphon is a heat pump designed specifically for recreation

Heat Siphon

The standard compressor produces 4 units of heat for each unit of electricity.  The Scroll Compressor increases that to 5 units or 20% more efficiency.

Heat Exchanger outlive Gas Heaters:  Gas heaters are constructed of sheet metal, copper heat exchanger with cast iron water connections.   This is done to position the Gas heater at a lower cost than heat pumps. Heat Exchangers have no flames. No pilot light to blow out or light.

Scroll Compressor

Two models are available with the scroll compressor, manufactured by Copeland. Unlike the conventional Heat Pump compressors which use a piston and two check valves to compress refrigerant to make heat, the Scroll compressor has two scrolls that rotate around each other to continuously compress refrigerant with no valves. Guaranteed Corrosion free for life.  5 year warranty on compressor.

If you own an air-conditioner or refrigerator, you already own a heat pump.  The same principals are used to heat your pool

heating cost

Titanium Heat Exchanger Performance Data

Guaranteed Corrosion Free for 10 Years

Made in USA

Warm Water Lowest Cost

Heat Siphon Specifications

Volts Phase**HZ
Breaker AMPS
2.25HP 208/230/1/60 20 50,000 5.0
3.25HP 208/230/1/60 30 72,000 5.0
5.00HP 208/230/1/60 50 100,000 5.0
SX3.25HP* 208/230/1/60 30 84,000 6.0
SX5.00HP* 208/230/1/60 50 100,000 6.0


Part Numbers and Purchasing

Heat Siphon Models

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  Pool Heater Model 2.25HP  
  Pool Heater Model 3.25HP  
  Pool Heater Model 3.25HP Scroll Compressor  
  Pool Heater Model 5.00HP  
  Pool Heater Model 5.00HP Scroll Compressor  

Note: We No Longer offer this product for sale.


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