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Solar-Clear Ionization System

Solar Clear Main Unit

Solar Clear Features. Solar-Clear Ionization System and replacement parts

Solar Clear Ionizer

Solar-Clear reduces chemical (sanitizer) consumption by up to 80%.

It is powered by solar energy and utilizes natural mineral ions to maximize pool water clarity and purity.  No plumbing or electrical installation is required.
The sun’s rays (energy) are converted by photovoltaic cells to a low voltage electrical current, which slowly dissolves the sacrificial anode (the rod in the center of the cage that sits below the solar panels) releasing copper and zinc ions into the pool water.
These ions inhibit (and kill) algae growth, reducing chlorine consumption by as much as 80% (actual results will vary). Solar-Clear helps protect against surface staining and minimizes scaling on pool and equipment surfaces. All naturally!

Solar Clear Ionizer
Solar-Clear Replacement Screen
Solar Clear Ionizer
Solar-Clear Anode Cleaning Brush
Solar Clear Ionizer
Solar-Clear Anode

Part Numbers and Purchasing

Solar Clear Pricing and Purchasing

Part Number Description
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  Solar-Clear Ionizer
  Solar-Clear Replacement Screen
  Solar-Clear Replacement Brush
  Replacement Anode For Solar-Clear




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