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Super Swim Resistance Swimming

SuperSwim Resistant Swimming

Super Swim Resistance Swimming Swim your way to fitness the fast and easy easy

SuperSwim Resistant Exerciser

The Perfect Workout In You Own Backyard

Fitness experts from exercise physiologists to rehab specialists agree that swimming is the perfect exercise. Super Swim will help you meet you fitness goals, whether it's shedding those extra  pounds, toning up, or simply relieving everyday stress.

Super Swim Help build strength and burn calories, giving you the same benefit as lap swimming, but in 1/2 the time!  In just minutes a day, you can be on your way to having a dynamic cardiovascular workout, a fit body with firm toned muscles.

Why spend drive time to exercise in an overcrowded gym, stressing your joints with high-impact exercise? You could be getting a better more complete workout, with in your own backyard with Super Swim. The result is more exercise value in less time ... with the adding convenience of exercising at home

Works Great in any Pool: It is hard to swim laps in the average pool , turning and twisting to keep you momentum going, with Super Swim, your swimming is uninterrupted.

For all Ages - Easy to Use

Insert the pole into the flush mount base, put on the adjustable belt and start swimming

Built to Last - There's no maintenance with Super Swim.  It's designed to provide years and years of trouble free use..


Part Numbers and Purchasing

Super Swim Resistance Swimming Purchasing

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SuperSwim Resistance Swimming - In Deck Base
SuperSwim Resistance Swimming - Above Ground
SuperSwim Resistance Swimming - Water Base
SuperSwim Resistance Swimming - Ladder/Handrail Clamp on


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