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Swimming Pool Games, Volleyball & Badminton

Volley Ball, Volley Ball / Badminton Games

We offer a complete line of Swimming pool games including Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton

Badmintom Game

Across the pool Volleyball / Badminton Game

Fits across most in ground pools and above ground pools with perimeter decking. Completely portable. Poly form base is filled with water or sand. Net is 44"high. Comes complete with two bases, net, ball and badminton racquets(4) and birds(4). The net measures 22 feet x 2-1/2.
Manufacturer p/n 72785

Same as Above: Volleyball Only p/n 72789

Pool Volley Ball

Floating Pool Volleyball

Floating water volley ball game, made of flexible PVC tubing, poly foam floats and nylon netting. Net measures 62" x 14-1/2". Includes ball.

Manufacture p/n 72706

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Volleyball and Volleyball Combination Games

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Floating Volleyball Game
Pro Re bounder Basketball/ Volleyball Combo Game
Across the Pool Combo Volleyball / Badminton Game
Across the Pool Volley Ball Game


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