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Automatic Pool Cleaners, Complete Units

Automatic Pool Cleaners

My Pool Features Swimming Pool Cleaners from all major manufacturers including Hayward, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Jandy, Sta-Rite and others. There are three types of Swimming Pool Cleaners, Suction, Pressure and Electric. Suction swimming pool cleaners operate off the vacuum or suction side of the pool, the pool cleaner hose is inserted into the skimmer or a dedicated vacuum line on the side of the pool. Pressure pool cleaners are divided into two types, those that connect to a return line and those that operated off a dedicated pressure line and a booster pump. The last group is electric or robotic and in this group there are two types battery operated and those that are tethered to an electric line. Some pool cleaners come in two models, one for concrete pools and the other for vinyl pools.

Vacuum pool cleaners include: The Hayward Pool Vacs, Navigators, Ultra's, AquaBug, Baracuda G3, G4, Great White 9500, Kreepy Krauly and many more. Pressure Pool cleaners that do not require a booster pump include the Letro, Polaris 360, Jandy Ray Vac and others. Pressure Pool cleaners that require a booster pump include the Polaris 180, 280, 380, 480 and others. Electric pool cleaners include the Hayward Tiger Shark, Aqua First and Baracuda G3

Pool Cleaners, Product Listing

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ImageDescriptionModel #Sale
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AC-00986 W491R Click on ImageHayward W491R, Skimmer Vacuum Plate For Baskets Apprioximately 8.25 InchesW491R$110.87
AC-00985 W490R Click on ImageHayward W490R, Skimmer Vacuum Plate 8 Inch DiameterW490R$124.57
AC-00984 V532LG Click on ImageHayward Navigator, Pool Vac Hose Box of Eight Hoses, 8 Leader HosesV532LG$161.62
AC-00983No ImageHayward V109, Pool Vac Hose Bulk Pack - 24 Regular Hoses, V109, Pool Vac, Navigator, UltraV109$302.33
AC-00982R Hose Click on ImageHayward Pool Hose, Box of 4 Regular Hoses, Pool Vac, Navigator, Ultra, etc.Hose$56.20
AC-00982 Hose Click on ImageHayward Vac Hose, Box of 4 hoses, 3 Regular, 1 Leader, Pool Vac, Navigator, Ultra, etc.Hose$64.69
AC-00981 V130LG Click on ImageHayward V130LG Pool Vac Hose, Box of ten Hoses, 9 regular, 1 Leader, All ModelsV130LG$109.79
AC-00980 V130LG-1R Click on ImageHayward Pool Vac Hose, 4 Foot Lengths, Regular Hose, Single HoseV130LG-1R$19.38
AC-00900BLGP W400BLGP Click on ImageHayward W400BLGP, Pool Vac Lock, Light GrayW400BLGP$27.31
AC-00900BBKP W400BBKP Click on ImageHayward W400BBKP, Pool Vac Lock, BlackW400BBKP$29.69
AC-00900 W400BWHP Click on ImageHayward W400BWHP, Pool Vac Lock, WhiteW400BWHP$26.36
AC-00840 5550 Click on ImageHayward Viper Pressure Side Cleaner, Head Only, Product Detail, No Longer Manufactured, None Avaialble5550$588.99NLA
AC-00818 W-530 Click on ImageHayward W530, Leaf Canister, Larger CapacityW-530$97.51
AC-00814 W560 Click on ImageHayward W560 Pool Vac and Others Clear Leaf CanisterW560$51.14
AC-00812 RC99385 Click on ImageHayward RC99385 Tigershark Robotic Pool Cleaner CaddyRC99385$92.72
AC-00811 6060 Click on ImageHayward Booster Pump, 6060, 3/4 HP, 115V 280V 230V Booster, Due to Manufacturer's restrictions we cannot offer this for sale.6060$0.00NLA
AC-00810 9990GR Click on ImageHayward QC 9990GR TigerShark Robotic Pool Cleaner9990GR$1,049.00
AC-00809No ImageHayward Viper Pressure Side Cleaner, Includes Booster Pump, No Longer Manufactured, None Available.VIPER$578.99
AC-00808 500 Click on ImageHayward Aquabug, Above Ground, Model 500. Complete with Hose.Due to Manufacturer's restrictions we cannot offer this for sale.500$0.00NLA
AC-00807V 2025ADV Click on ImageHayward Pool Vac Ultra, 2025ADV, In-Ground, Vinyl Pool Cleaner, Due to Manufacturer's restrictions we cannot offer this for sal2025ADV$399.99NLA
AC-00807CNo ImageHayward Pool Vac Ultra, 2025C, In-Ground, Concrete Pool Cleaner, Replaces 20052025C$399.00
AC-00805No ImageHayward Navigator V-Flex Concrete Pool Cleaner, HSC925CCHSC925CC$399.00
AC-00804 925ADV Click on ImageHayward 925ADV , Pool Cleaner, In-Ground Vinyl, Includes Hoses Due to Manufacturer's restrictions we cannot offer this for sale925ADV$399.00NLA
AC-00803SP 2025ADC Click on ImageHayward XL, 2025ADC, In-Ground, Concrete Pool Cleaner Due to Manufacturer's restrictions we cannot offer this for sale.2025ADC$0.00NLA
AC-00803 2025ADC Click on ImageHayward 925ADC, InGround, Concrete Pool Cleaner With Hoses, Due to Manufacturer's restrictions we cannot offer this for sale.2025ADC$399.00NLA
AC-00802 6000B Click on ImageHayward Phantom In-Ground Pool Cleaner, Complete, 6000B, No Longer Manufactured, None Available6000B$0.00NLA
AC-00077No ImageAquaVac 1303W, Hayward RCX1303W Hood WeightRCX1303W$15.32

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